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    NWO A Late Night Alliance Guild, 10/25 man recruiting for MOP

    Guild History and who we are:

    N W O is now over one year old. The guild has gained a well earned reputation on Silvermoon (EU) as a guild focused on progression, integrity and passion for end game content outside normal raid hours. We are a mature guild for mature players, with a minimum age requirement of 18. Most of our members are working adult gamers with professional and family commitments, so we endeavor to use our game time as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our members have a high-degree of mutual respect for one another, and we maintain a fun, relaxed environment that is conducive to team building and high-end raiding.

    The Guild Council comprises of members who have raided with each other for well over a year. They comprise of players who have played WOW since its dawn, in Vanilla right through out to today in Catacylsm. Highly skilled but approachable our core team enjoys no nonsense progressive raiding, in a relaxed enviroment. This doesn't mean we don't enjoy having a laugh. Infact we encourage all our members to integrate socially into our guild through the forums and guild events. While N W O has a leadership structure that is built around several long-term members, every guild member is considered and treated as an equal. All guild decisions are made by council vote, and new members have the same voice and input as the veterans do. Our goals are always based around improving our team ethos.

    What we are not:

    We are not a training guild. We expect every applicant to know their class inside out. Although we go out of our way to help new members integrate we expect each applicant to do their homework and apply with the correct spec, reforging, gems and enchants and be able to logically back up their decisions.

    Raid times:

    Wednesday:- 23:30 - 02:00
    Thursday:- 23:30 - 02:00
    Sunday:- 23:30 - 02:00
    Monday:- 23:30 - 02:00

    During progression content we expect all out members to be able to attend at least 3/4 raids per reset. All times given are sever time.

    Guild application process.

    Please Visit Guild Site in order to submit an application. Our homepage can be found at

    1. Be 18 years old with a desire to join a focused community that promotes team work.

    2. Be ready to participate in 10 man and 25 man PvE end game content with a character that is appropiately geared, gemmed, enchanted and reforged.

    3.Have an intricate knowledge of the class you play, and know how to maximize your individual performance while contributing to a team.

    4. Be mature and dependable while being relaxed and easy-going. We are a serious group that likes to have fun. Above all be willing to learn from mistakes and accept constructive criticism.

    5. Be capable of following the raid leader’s instructions and be flexible and open-minded when assigned specialized roles during specific encounters. You need to recognize that we are a raid team with the emphasis on team. All members will be treated with mutual respect.

    6. Be familiar with and abide by the N W O guild rules.

    Application will be reviewed by the appropiate class leader or officer. Should you be sucessful you will be invited for a trial. The trial period can last upto 4 weeks depending on the impact of your character and the individual behind that character. That said, we can promote you to a raider rank should you impress with your in game skills and the ability to become a team players as part of the guild. If this sounds like the kind of raiding that interests you please visit to check our latest recruitment needs. We will consider all exceptional applications regardless of spec/class. Should you want to talk directly to one of the officers in game (or via vent) please contact either Cornish, Frosthenk, Veres or Wíndstorm.
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    Bump, looking for skilled mages, DPS shamans and holy/disc priests. All exceptional application welcome of course.

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    Bump, please refer to post in OP regarding roster requirements or visit to check our roster requirements. Still LF some spots, we're currently 4/6 MV.

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    Bump, looking for tanks

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    Looking for Spriest, Ele Shaman, boomkin, Feral, Monk dps. We are curently 6/6 MV

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    6/6 Normal MV cleared, looking for skilled players for heroic progression.

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    1/6 HC MV looking for tanks

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    on your webpage there is no need for a Tank, but here you are looking for one. Would you have interest in a paladin tank?

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    Yes, we are looking for tanks any spec. Website wasn't updated sorry

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    Updated 3/6 HoF

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    Bump to the top.

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    Updated, 4/6 HoF normal - still looking to bolster our roster aiming towards 25 man, have 2 solid 10 man teams now so looking for exceptional applications, whatever the class.

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    Looking for dps

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