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    Have you killed Zhaitan? What do you think of the fight? (SPOILERS!)

    Hello everybody, I just finished Arah in Story Mode for first time. And I must say that I really liked the dungeon, fighting on the ships (Camera was a little buggy, but not too bad) and all that. And asides from that, I´ve loved pretty much every aspect of the game so far.

    But, what left me really disapointed was Zhaitan´s fight. (SPOILERS AHEAD >_>)

    It´s not the fact that you just fight adds and thats it, it´s the fact that, at one point in the fight, Zhaitan sits there for like 5mins hugging a huge tower while you destroy him with your cannons, which is incredibly boring and easy.

    I understand that without the holy trinity, it´s kinda hard to make mechanics on a fight balanced. But considering Zhaitan is an Elder Dragon, and has like 10 more faces coming out of his mouth and stuff, they could´ve come up with something better o_o. Like, fight minions, then he flies around the ship and you shoot him while he sends more adds and shoots stuff at you. Something like that.

    I have to say it gave me a horrible impression of these "Elder Dragons" who are supossed to be amazingly powerful and all...

    What do you think?.

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    The encounter probably could have been cooler, but the point is that the ship dealt the fatal blow - not the players. When the players get to him, he's hanging on for his life and they just finish him off.

    It just sorta bothers me when people act like they don't understand why he was 'just standing there'. There were two cutscenes showcasing the fatal blows. It's alright to wish that we were the cause and not a boat, though. They really have a lot of neat encounters in this game so I was surprised to see them approach Zhaitan like this. The Claw of Jormag was much more fun.

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    Guild Wars 2 got considerably less impressive to me, the higher level I got, including Arah

    On a side note, I feel like the entire "Story" thing got... well, bad, with Zhaitan, and when they put those Risen Undead guys in everything, around the level 50 mark or something if I recall correctly. I kept waiting for them to move on from that, but they just kept going with it for so long that I became disillusioned with it, and kind of dread leveling another Class through the same thing again
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    I'm not crazy about undead stuff either. I did find Orr fun, but I'm waiting on Kralkatorrik. :]

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    I liked it, would have to agree though would have rather used the ship to weaken him significantly or ground him and finish the boss with the players and their army, but either way it was fun and can't wait to see how they handle the rest of the elder dragons.
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    It was like they teased with a pumped up version of all the best parts of gunship, spine and DW rolled into one epic fight and then just had you fight corrupted bloods in a corner for 40 minutes.

    I get the whole "He's an elder dragon, 5 normal scrub heroes cant just kill him!" and "Well the mega cannon really did all the damage, you pushed him over the edge" thing, but the fight (and the end of the gw2 storyline mind you, atleast for now) just deserved a much better delivery than what we got. I have to admit i was pretty disappointed when it was over, just left me with a sort of "what?" feeling by the end.
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    I read in the Collector's Edition book about Guild Wars 2 that they had it pretty hard to make it look good and being a good fight because of his big size (And truth be told he was really, really big).

    So it's that much you can do with a boss big like that with animations and such.

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    It seems bugged... HEAVILY bugged...
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    Absolutely terrible.

    The bosses leading up to it, hate melle. With a passion. The guy that throws the grubs, threw EVERY single grub at me. Dodge one, dodge another, dead. Get rissen up again, dead. This was at ranged, but going melle just meant he'd lay poison down on top of you, so you'd dodge that, straight into a ground stomp.

    The Lich boss is nice, but without understanding the "atunements" it was next to impossible to advoid his ranged attacks as melle.

    The mouth of zhaitan was pretty cool, with throwing his own bombs back into his mouth, but can be tottally negated. You do that, just to make the fight go faster, if you don't then you still win.

    The group I was with, sadly broke up near the end. After we killed the mouth, one person randomly left without saying anything (despite knowing the instance inside out and having explorable on farm), right before we got onto the ship. Jesus, that ship! You've got only two ends to hide at, so if you're stuck in the middle you die. You man the turrets to kill a dragon, you die from monsters spawning. You kill the monsters instead of the dragons, you get knocked down/about the deck thanks to the dragons spit you can't reflect with a cannon.

    Finally, with just four of us, we managed to complete that ordeal we land on the final ship. Excellent, not long now, everyone's been saying that Zhaitan is really easy, just spam 2. Except we never had an eye spawn, all we had was about 8 waves of normal monsters tottally wreck us thanks to all wanting to attack one person at a time (the grubs), or explode after you run out of endurance (the bomb nords).

    There was no way to re-set the final fight and the so called "heroes" that follow you in are terrible. They were dying quicker than my melle Theif, which is crazy since they're meant to be the savious of Tyria. I will go back to finish off the story, but it will be a damn long time. Warcrafts dungeons may be abit stale, but at least they work from start to finish and don't feel brutally over tuned.

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    Heh. I liked it. Specifically talking about the Arah dungeon, combining the Visuals, music and sequences i was highly satisfied with it, and so were the other 4 party members. I don't know what people wanted, or expected, but it did it for me. Maybe they could have made you interact with him more but i was highly satisfied with it.

    Also i really, really wish that people will stop using the words 'Terrible' and 'Awful' to describe everything they aren't satisfied with. Too much sensationalism. Could they have done more with the Zhaitan specific fight? Possibly. In the setting did i love every minute of it? Damn right. I never felt out of place. I wasn't disappointed to not go toe to toe with him. Hell just having him fly past was epic enough!

    Just my two cents.

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