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    Public 5v5 sPvP tournaments

    My PvP experience in these type of games: 0. I tried the other modes of PvP (WvW and the 8v8 mode) and didn't find them enjoyable, but I find the public tournaments to be very enjoyable even though I'm getting my shit ruined half the time. I play guardian and generally in sPvP I just try to defend nodes (sometimes failing miserably). But everyone has to start somewhere right?

    I've had a few angry players tell me that I shouldn't be playing tournament PvP, some people tell me to go play another game because I'm "bad at this one". It doesn't bother me, I just laugh it off and usually reply with a joke. Is there something I'm missing? Public games = public... anyone can join right? So 50% of the time your team members will be below average in skill unless you run premade. Is there supposed to be some unwritten rule against joining these if you are not a good PvPer?

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    Simply . right click their name > report > a ticket will show up > choose harrasment > and type <<is this behavior intented ?>>
    Theres ppl banned for 72 hours for lesser reasons :P
    The company need more ppl rebuying new accounts = more money :P
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    It seems ppl have the energy to whine for a game , for not beeing exactly like their <<main>> game , while it dont have a SUB , and they dont have the courage to whine at their Game Master for slacking and producing few PvE content ...

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