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    I really liked this "interview" form, they got to answer a ton of questions in so little time, and the questions were great as well! Would like to see this again in the future.

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    They have really got me excited about things to come. WoW is really shaping up to be a lifelong hobby. Cannot wait till my kids are old enough so they can start playing with my wife and I.

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    Rexxar Champion of the Horde would be the best candidate for Warchief wouldn't you agree? As he said he would never join the Horde unless it really needs him, but also the wild is his home.
    Rexxar for Warchief! Who's with me!?
    If this happens, I better have my playable Ogres! Ogre-magi FTW!

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    Nice way of dodging the Gallywix question completely :P

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