We are an Alliance guild currently looking for more members. As you may be able to tell from the guild name, we are a group of Bronies that are hoping to find likeminded players. Many of us frequent the MMO Champion Brony threads as well. We actually just started this guild a few weeks back, and even though we are an extremely small guild, we are still leveling at a steady pace. Several of our members have been playing since classic, and although the name may suggest we are raiding, that isn't something we have started doing yet. In the future given sufficient numbers and players willing to do such things as raids, battlegrounds or arenas, it is definately something we have considered.

Anyone is of course free to join, as we always welcome new members. Most of us are very friendly, and are more then willing to help out anyone who may join. Sadly, we started on a fresh server, so we lack funds to help with some of the more important aspects of the game. Several of us have either transferred a higher level character, or intend to do so soon. If you are interested, we normally have at least one person on, so feel free to ask. We have no real requirements, but if you are looking for something alittle different in terms of guildmates rather than the usual drama that WoW seems to have, then leave a message or send one of us a tell!