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    Vikings, they're like pirates on steroids with more rape and more crazy. So pirates, ninja's are over rated.
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    Happy "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

    Pirates win they have their own day.

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    Ninja wins. Never heard of this so-called "Inverse Ninja-Law" crap, and not even weighing it as a factor in realistic comparison.

    By the way, the sword-swinger from the Raiders of the Lost Ark clip would be more like a Warrior than an actual Ninja. A true ninja would never stand there in the great wide open making a spectacle of himself (or more commonly herself). The ninja's sole interests would consist of finding the target, killing the target, escaping if possible (and if not, suicide).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Creamy Flames View Post
    A REAL pirate? Ninja.
    I'm so very very tired of peoples completely and utterly wrong view of what a pirate was. And ninja didn't wear black. The wearing of black costumes comes from Kabuki theater. Also another ridiculous pop culture incorrectness.
    Gotta love that ignorance.
    A real Pirate vs a real ninja, depends if the pirates where at sea or attacking a village in Japan. At sea Pirates no question, attacking a Villiage the pirates would take the village, but a ninja could beat a few Pirates before getting shot.

    But the reality is the romanticized Pirates vs the romanticized Ninjas are more fun, because Ninja means assassin, and anyone paid to murder is a ninja. Most Ninjas in history where Rōnin (masterless Samuri). Ninjutsu was invented by Rōnin to maximize stealth over honor.

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    Yeah, I just came back from the spirit world, and I have an important message from a certain would like for you not to keep beating

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    Ninja. Maybe add a poll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meneldur View Post
    The ultimate killing machine
    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    Pirates are way cooler, Ninjas have Naruto sullying their name, nuff said.
    F*ck Naruto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noobadin View Post
    Pirates win hands down.

    Swords can't compete with RPGs and AK-47s
    I've got to go with pirates on this one, because modern weaponry is kind of amazing. If the pirates were people who illegally download stuff on a website like Piratebay, though, it could go either way. I'm sure some of the people who do are crazy and/or well armed enough to kill a simple ninja.

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