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    Current pvp gems?

    So me and a mate have been grinding hks constantly this last week purely because were bored and both working on bloodthirsty, and lets face it, a affliction warlock and a fire mage running around together is a smaller BG is just win

    The problem we have is that we keep hitting the cat, we were both on last season gear and wasn't going to bother getting the latest arena - honor set, But we now both have.

    Were in the middle of gemming it one gem at a time, hit the cap buy one gem re hit the cap but this then lead me to think, is it worth gemming our gear now for the sake of 13 nights of pvp? or should we actually stock these gems for the new pvp sets in MoP?

    In other words, if new pvp gems come out in mop will they conquest Conquest? or Honor?

    Is it worth saving 25 int + Power or will the common gems that come out be better?

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    The green gems in MoP will be (according to the wrath -> cata math) about 50% better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehman View Post
    The blue gems in MoP will be (according to the wrath -> cata math) about 50% better.
    Secondary stats are also being doubled on gems in MoP. So no, it's not worth saving.

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