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    Comp for a balance druid.

    hey guys,

    i have been playing wow for many years but never bothered with pvp untill my guild cleared DS hc really quick and i had loads of time. Now i am really keen on keep playing pvp, mostly arena and some rbg's, and i have been playing moonkin since like forever. Now with the new changes and all that i tested it out for pve etc obv. Now my question is, keep in mind that i just started and only got to 1950 in 3's, how can i practice for MoP? And what kinda comp's can you guys recommend for a balance druid?

    Cheers guys,

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    Spicy chicken (Firemage/moonkin/healer) which is quite good, and ofcourse the usual LSD2 (lock/balance/restosham).
    anyway with MoP there will be loads of new working comps with the class overhauls, i see spriest/moonkin/rsham working very well too. just play around with the setups, and dont frget everything changs at 90.

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    Boomkin/warlock/heals LSD2
    Boomkin/spriest/heals could also work if spriests are nearly as nasty as what they are right now
    Boomkin/ele/hpal will be my focus. I havent seen many high teams with that comp, but with the state that i see those 3 specs in i feel like like that comp will be insanely bursty and fun to play in mop.

    Theres 'dancing wit the stars' but rogues seem to like they gonna be crap in mop

    Boomkin/frost mage/disc will be good first season also.

    Its all in a matter of what u play best with right people.

    GL to you next season hope this helped

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