View Poll Results: What Race Will You Roll for Monk?

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  • Pandaren

    278 48.35%
  • Dwarf

    23 4.00%
  • Human

    50 8.70%
  • Draenei

    23 4.00%
  • Gnome

    38 6.61%
  • Night Elf

    21 3.65%
  • Blood Elf

    33 5.74%
  • Orc

    32 5.57%
  • Tauren

    24 4.17%
  • Troll

    17 2.96%
  • Forsaken

    36 6.26%
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  1. #21
    Aw man all these pandas make me want to go dwarf!

    I will however be making a Fat Panda Rogue!

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    Blademaster LongClaw's Avatar
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    Panda, just because its something different than I normally would play. Still haven't decided if it's going to be male or female though.

  3. #23
    human to star, because i like how the gear looks in them, maybe for endgame raiding ill change to panda, all comes down to the looks of them.

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    Titan Teriz's Avatar
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    Pandaren because;

    a. Better animation
    b. trailer
    c. Brewmaster from WC3

  5. #25
    I've never been so conflicted. Usually I play Forsaken (Mage, Warlock, Warrior, Rogue) but I haven't gotten a clear idea of what a Forsaken Monk will look like as far as animations and all that. I'm not too fond of Pandaren, and I'm not sure about Orc. Tauren are out of the question because that just seems really silly.

    I voted Forsaken, I'm leaning that way... but I really don't know at this point.

  6. #26

  7. #27
    Very likely male orc. Would've probably gone pandaren if old shoulder models didn't look retarded on them (males).
    Considering male tauren, since they can't be rogues and I like the way alot of the old leather looks on them.

  8. #28
    It looks like newness of pandas is the big deciding factor here since all the other races are pretty much evenly balanced.

  9. #29
    Human named Gong.
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  10. #30
    Draenei because we can finally wear leather >

    Also superior.

    Also might make a second panda Monk just to test all specs.
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  11. #31

    New race, new animations, and I've played all other races. Plus I most of my toons are ally.

  12. #32
    Scarab Lord zephid's Avatar
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    A Panda of course!

  13. #33
    The food buff is just too good :P - Pandaren !
    i require ham.

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    Mind if I roll need? xskarma's Avatar
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    I don't know anymore. I was going female Pandaren Monk, and then a Male Pandaren Warrior, cause that's what I still lack in my main server stable. But I think the Male 2h weapon animation, especially the idle one, look just STUPID. So now I've kinda thought I'll make a female PAndaren Warrior, and make the Monk a Pandaren Male. BUT I really only need 1 Pandaren to see the starting zone, so now I'm kinda in doubt what to do with my Monk.

  15. #35
    panda monk because they look like they were made for monks with the martial arts moves and all

  16. #36
    Stuck between Pandaren and Troll

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    Old God vindicatorx's Avatar
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    have 0 plans on making a monk atm if I do it will be a panda

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    Titan Gallahadd's Avatar
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    obviously panda for three huge reasons.

    1: this way I can try the new class and new race out at the same time, that's multi tasking yo!

    2: Pandaren have by far the best animations, and just in general look better than the other races.

    3: Male Pandaren have an option for beard and a hairstyle that are both identicle to the hair style and beard I have in real life, so it will amuse me to walk around with a char that looks remarkably similar to myself
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    High Overlord Askian's Avatar
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    For some reason i have difiiculty leveling toons that arent human all the way to lvl cap so id have to say human.

    Will prob make a Panda on another server though to see the starting area.

  20. #40
    either nelf or human to start, I've clocked my best leveling times in those 2 starter locations. Once I've leveled up to 80+ I may consider race changing to panda.

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