View Poll Results: What Race Will You Roll for Monk?

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  • Pandaren

    278 48.35%
  • Dwarf

    23 4.00%
  • Human

    50 8.70%
  • Draenei

    23 4.00%
  • Gnome

    38 6.61%
  • Night Elf

    21 3.65%
  • Blood Elf

    33 5.74%
  • Orc

    32 5.57%
  • Tauren

    24 4.17%
  • Troll

    17 2.96%
  • Forsaken

    36 6.26%
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    Herald of the Titans Sylreick's Avatar
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    Human, because I don't really enjoy other alliance races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akamurdoch View Post
    yes ill agree, the females look alot better than the males, i like the walking animation on them (draenei isnt it?)
    Males are just... don't know. Don't like them that much.
    I'm not sure about the animation, horde over here - I rarely see Draenei at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Gaga View Post
    Alliance: night elf female
    Female pandaren have issue with their shoulders. Just like worgen females, pandaren females like to stick their arms through the shoulders during moves.
    Oh, didn't really notice that flaw so far, thanks for the info.
    I rather hope for a fix problems like that - just don't wanna play a different race because of that.

    Or I'll fix it my way, zoom out very far and don't notice it at all. Just nee~d a female panda with dw fist weapons like 2x Fist of the Deity
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    Night Elf female, because I'm going tank, and I like their model and animations.
    Guess that's all there is to it.

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    The Patient Mistfit's Avatar
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    Male Panadaren. Bouncy belly and an unquenchable hunger for good foodstuffs.
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    Starting off with being a human for server firsts purposes but faction changing to a panda once i'm 90

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    Gnome. Prepare for tiny fists of fury!

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    At 1st I wanted to go Pandaren, since it's a new class, might as well pick the new race with it. But after considering all that I want to do in the game this time around, looking and relooking at all of the races, racials abilities, monk abilities and animations, I've decided on Alliance: Human and Horde: Orc. I think that Epicurean is an awesome racial, but I want to dabble a little more in PvP this time, and dying a lot comes with the territory. So food effects will definitely not stick, and refilling my belly every time is going to be a pain, so I'll go human and orc.
    Since when does anyone have a clue about what they want?

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    Mechagnome Wolfbear's Avatar
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    Panda. Two birds one stone I guess. Also making Pandaren Warrior so I can have a male panda too.

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    Mechagnome plastkaze's Avatar
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    Probably male dwarf. =D

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    Gnome as I play alliance now.
    Forsaken if I had been playing horde

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    Gnome! For Gnomeregan! The more Gnome Healers we can churn out, the better the chance of us retaking Gnomeregan from the Troggs. If I could have all classes as one race, it'd be Gnome.
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    Pandaren is just so overpowered as a race right now, how could you not pick them?

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    Scarab Lord Loaf Lord's Avatar
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    For best results, roll an orc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhNine View Post
    Pandaren Monk. I have 1 slot open. 2 birds with 1 stone.
    same here.

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    male dwarf for my ally toon, and female ud for my horde. I may make a fem panda of another class at some point to check them out but since I quit hardcore raiding I dont care about racials anymore.
    Shhh im typing this to u on my i phone on the toilet at work

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    Keyboard Turner
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    Aug 2012
    I'm probably going to go Pandaren, if not I'll go Orc. Not sure if I'll go pandaren male or female though :/

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    Blood elf, currently 80% of my chars are blood elves, only makes sense :P

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    Pandaren simply because the animations look best with the brand new race. Once character models get an update I may race-change to something else, unless I get really attached to being a panda-lady

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    I'm torn between Dwarf and Pandaren. Might do Pandaren simply to have one. Dwarves are clearly superior though.

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