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    (H) <TBHe> looking for more members


    Again active casual guild <TBHe> (lvl 25) on Kazzak EU is looking for more members. We look for relaxed members that want to have fun playing. <TBHe> means The Brootherhood Euro and we use the name from old FPS Delta Froce which many of played in that time.

    About us:

    <TBHe> means The Brootherhood Euro and we used the name from old shooter Delta Force, which many of us played in that time., so we just use it here too.

    Most of us are old WoW players, who enjoys game in casual way. We are more late evening/night active guild, since priority is real life. Atm we are few but we hope our ranks will strenghten during comming days.

    We are in the process of building a strong PvE 10 man roster, with a fun, friendly and mature attitude, and with the intention of clearing current content.

    The raid times are not set yet. But most likely the raiding time will be from around 20.00 cet till max . 23.30 and also max. 2-3 times per week. What we will try is to adjust raiding days so all can make it. Other raid info will be set before we start with raiding. We will use mumble, which is already running.

    Atm for raiding almost all ranged/healing classes are welcome. But for social spot just ask for invite.

    If you are interested and think we are right choice /w me in-game for more info (my alt Oxyy) or Eînherje becouse web site under construction atm.


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    Main tank here. Just like to say it's the best guild I've ever been in and made the raiding in Cata (Dragon Soul mostly...) really fun. Hoping to get some raids going soon!

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    bumpfor a great guild

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