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    [H] Defias Brotherhood -Ruby Heart- female guild LFM

    Hello ladies of wow!

    Ruby Heart is recruiting!

    Who are we, and why would you join us?
    We are a supercozy guild on Defias Brotherhood with only woman in it!
    Why a female only guild, isn’t that sexist? Something we hear a lot. But no, we do not hate men, and yes we do play with men, we are just not in the same guild (Not even my own BF!). The reason for this is that we want to be able to have our own ‘girl guild chat’. Certain topics are considered ‘[email protected]#$%-ish’ or just annoying to most guys, and we just want to be able to chat about that without feeling awkward. Boyfriends, bad music, make-up, periods, chocolate, clothes, sex, the Q&A of a glossy can’t compete! Besides that, we also have a lot of alt’s from girls who have their main’s on other realms, who just drop by once in a while to escape their -LOL YOU DOG-*[email protected] BRO [email protected]@ l0l EXDEE11!!!11MINE IS BIGGER THEN YOUR- testosterone guild chats, and hang out a few levels in RH.

    Sooooo, that being said, we created the guild early September, which was a horrible time seeing the MoP was coming, and no one would leave their current guild. But I feel most people have settled down a bit now, know what to expect from this xpac, and what they want.

    So why would you want to join us?
    * We are a close guild, but welcome everyone as if they been with us forever.
    * Drama does not exist within RH.
    * Be a part of something growing, new and exciting.

    Who are we looking for?
    Basically we welcome any girl/woman that wants to join us, we have a small list of rules, but it’s basically common sense. The guild is divided under several ranks so you know who has the same skill level and interests as you do. You are also allowed to join with an alt, but you will have to go through the same recruitment process as if it was your main. This because we have to check if you are an actual ‘real’ woman!

    More importantly, I’m in desperate need of 2 officers to help me with recruiting for PvP and PvE and also arrange events for this.
    I hope applicants understand that a guild that has such a small pool of players to recruit from will have to grow, and we are looking for positive minds that think and help along!

    For more information visit http://dbguild.wix.com/rubyheart or whisper/mail me ingame.
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    Bumps, looking for more, also girls who don't heal are more then welcome

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    ** Very much in need of officers to help setting up a raidgroup in MoP **

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    It's a fun cozy bunch now, but we still looking for members for MoP!! PvP-ers, alts/socials, PvE-ers, and most importantly an officer or 2, to help me with recruitment and organisation!
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    We have a new website!! Go check out: http://dbguild.wix.com/rubyheart and http://www.facebook.com/Rubyheartguild

    Also need more members!!!and still need 2 officers!!

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    Bump for ladies!

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    Still recruiting!

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    At the end of the month we have our new PvP officer moving over, but we are still looking for an officer that will recruit and arrange for the proper raid group!
    Also members and socials are ofc still welcome!!

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    Bumping for RH!

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    Still looking for members, alts and officers! check out our website!

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