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    all hail the allmighty spatial lepidoptera may he fill thy cup with lunar nectar and may he ward off the dreaded moon moth O-O amans
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    favorite race is T-Pol from Star Trek-Enterpricse. Keep your shoulder mounted cannons or lazers...if all aliens looked like her I'd be ready to surrender the planet.
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    Amazing movies

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    Aliens from Alien series
    Covenant Grunts and Elites in Halo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    You forgot the most pivotal and vital point! WAAAAAGH!
    I could have Just said WAAAAAAAGH!!!! and people would get it, however I wanted to add mystery, I described them fully with out using names recognizable names, to fully show why they are interesting and also to separate them from other types of Orcs.

    BTW technically Warcraft Orcs are also an Alien race. But they are just large green skinned humans from a different planet. To the people who included Races native to Azeroth and mystical creatures they are not Aliens to that would or this one. My use of Orks is valid because they are not from that Universes version of Earth. Where as Azeroth technically is an alt universe version of Earth.

    Now LoTR Orcs are actually dark elves and come from Middle Earth, which is a alternate universe Earth.

    BTW working on a somewhat popular philosophical hypothesis that all fiction has happened somewhere, and if it is impossible than it happened in an Alternative reality where it is possible.

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    Keep seeing Daleks popping up which surprises me, didn't know Doctor Who was so popular around the world, seems so surreal when a lot of it is filmed near where I live. Not surprised by Alien and Predator though, most iconic alien races in Sci-Fi.

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    Reapers. They may be machines, but they are considered a race in the ME universe:

    And of course, the race exemplified by the most badass sidekick of all time Garrus Brokarian; the Turians

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrox View Post
    Aliens from Alien series
    Covenant Grunts and Elites in Halo
    Covenant Grunts are fun to slaughter. I'll give them that.
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    Lovecraftian Horrors.
    They look quite cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    First 3 aren't Alien races from a Sci-Fi franchise which this thread was supposedly about :P
    Why? Isn't sci-fi science fiction? How do I know that out there somewhere there isn't some Azeroth, some Tyria and some whatever the Heroes of Might and Magic planet is called?

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    I'm gonna go with something unexpected, but should be so very obvious. They certainly come from another planet that is not the earth.

    Originally Posted by Bashiok
    Is there a term you have for being shown proof and choosing to dismiss it?
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    Forerunners from halo:

    Protoss from Starrcraft:

    Naaru Warcraft:
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    Not sure if they count, but I've always loved Togruta's in Star Wars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arnorei View Post
    Why? Isn't sci-fi science fiction? How do I know that out there somewhere there isn't some Azeroth, some Tyria and some whatever the Heroes of Might and Magic planet is called?
    They don't have to be 'out there somewhere' it's as you said, sci-fi. As long the races aren't from Earth in any sci-fi universe it counts.

    Then again, I guess you could view it that Azeroth (for the Warcraft universe) is the home planet and that they wouldn't be considered Alien.

    Semantics I guess.

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    The Q...the ultimate most powerful species/entities

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    Species 8472 from Star Trek. The first (only?) species to completely overwhelm/overpower the Borg. Loved how advanced they were biologically and all their ships/tech were organic. And their planet destroyer setup was sick!

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    The Asgard of the Stargate SG-1. Ah Thor, my cutie pie.
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    I like the aliens in V, Falling Skies (the "fish heads"), the Protoss and Xel'naga. Usually not a fan of "creepy crawly" aliens that want to kill me, but super intelligent ones that are somewhat humanoid looking, that wants to kill me is totally fine lol.

    And of course, Marvin the Martian.

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    Tough choice. I'd probably have to go with Predators, followed closely by Klingons. Yeah, they're both ugly as homemade sin, but they're badasses.

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