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    Ele Shaman in Herald of the Titans

    I main a Holy Paladin, and don't have the slightest idea how to play a ele shaman. However, my guild is putting together a herald run, and my shaman is the closest char I have to 80, so that's what I'm going to play. I poked around a bit, looked at noxxic, and found this BiS list for herald ele shams: http://www.chardev.org/profile/34611...al-Shaman.html

    I messed around with talents/glyphs a bit, settled on this set up: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#sJ4|jks

    Now for the gear, I know those gems are wrong. I'll be using many more pure reds than that. Can I use cata gems for a Herald run? Will it negate the achieve? What problems do I have with my gear setup/talents/glyphs? Any help at all would be appreciated.

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    For Herald all of your equipment has to be ilevel 226 or lower, Weapons (mainhand, offhand) must be 232 or lower. You cannot use Cata gems in items that have an item level that is lower than... I want to say 285, but I'm not sure that is approximate. (so no, flat out not possible)

    You can use cata profession perks, cata flasks and cata pots.

    and honestly, i would not take someone else's BiS list to heart without reviewing it yourself. Visited a site once, guy thought he knew about Arms Warriors. Crazy bastard's "BiS" list had reforging into haste. In about an hour I put together a list with more mastery, more crit, more haste and more attack power lol.
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