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    Exclamation why do i need to log in TWICE?

    why do i have to log in twice to finally be logged in? even though i type my info correctly it wont get me in until i do it a second time.

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    It's something that happens with people who start too many threads in a short amount of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    It's something that happens with people who start too many threads in a short amount of time.
    I see what you did there.
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    just tick "remember me"?

    i haven't had to log onto this site in years

    edit: well i guess that's not true. my firefox was being difficult today and wouldn't stop freezing on load pages, so I just downloaded chrome. had to log back into all of my sites. But other than that, chyea son I always just tick remember me and never have to log in again.
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    angry internetesda

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    Try clearing your cache + cookies? If it really happens every time and you have remember me checked, it sounds like there's just some bad data there somewhere.

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