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    [Movies] Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

    Saw this movie today and found it very enjoyable. Hasn't gotten many good ratings, but while it may not be one to add to your collection I recommend at least seeing it! Anybody else seen it yet?

    Very sad movie at the end though, I literally was wet eyed at the end, and the noises of the asteroid hitting the earth in the background was extremely eerie and just made the scene so horrible but amazing. I was waiting for some dumb catch the entire movie so they would survive, and was honesty wishing there was one.

    But overall Steve Carrel and Keira Knightley had a very decent performance. Weird seeing Steve Carrel in a role where he isn't a goof too.
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    Amazing movie if only for the sheer normalcy of everything in extraordinary times.

    The movie itself constantly kept my mind spinning and asking the questing, "What would I do ?"

    With three weeks til the end of the world, would I lose any sense of restraint & morality ? Would I try to burrow, hide, and hope to survive ? Would I try to find some life boat off the planet ? Would I give up and die ? They portray pretty much every imaginable human response believably and without much comedy, which helps lend weight to the emotion.

    Perfect role for Steve Carrel.

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