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    What made you play a shaman?

    Ok so the shaman forums have been going through a crisis and I just want to know your opinions on why you chose a shaman as a main and why you keep on playing them.

    My reason is because it is a unique class and probably one of the most underplayed class in the game right now. Secondly I LOVE the game infamous on the playstation and since shamans shoot lightning bolts from their hands I couldn't resist.

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    I never had a max lvl shaman and I wanted a class where I dont have to collect 2 different kinda gear to dps/heal

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    Same reason as you really, dat lightning!
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    Watching this video back in vanilla

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    Because I thought it was badass to play a class that could cast spells wear mail and a shield. I've stayed because RNG is a rush *dps* and because resto has been a lot of fun to heal on until recently.

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    One day I got a nostalgia-kick when I was thinking back watching my bother level his enhancement Shaman back in vanilla and I remember I thought the Windfury proc had the coolest animation. So I decided to start leveling a goblin enhancement shaman (goblin because their totems looks amazing!). Leveled it up just after MoP hit and started raiding. Right before SoO hit I was unsure if I wanted to continue my shaman or swap to monk. I tried out elemental, my mom always told me I can be whatever I want so I became a jedi.

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    "Why did I move here? I guess it was the Windfury..."

    Think I must have levelled 2-3 shamans during BC, and the feeling when you reached 36 (I think) and could finally slap on double windfury was all "Aahhhhhh.....". So naturally I'm plaing as resto these days...

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    There's a four page thread about why people chose shaman here.

    As for why I keep playing a shaman, I haven't found a good enough reason to switch mains. And with as much as I've invested in her already, I don't really see playing anything else.

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    I've mained a Paladin since late wrath until 5.3 due to our raid group going to 10man from 25 and adding a ranged dps was the best option than having 3 healers at all time or 3 melee. I really love the class, the play style is so much fun, and lightning fingers ofc.

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    Originally started out as a forsaken rogue, because I thought it was cool (geez, such a lame reason :P ). Dunno, in the 2nd year or so of vanilla, I started playing as shaman (my brother started out as one from release, so I thought I'd give it a try). As I was used to playing as melee, it was a given that I went enh.

    Did a lot of lvl 19/29 wsg pvp up to revered for rings/amulet(on lvl 19, druids didn't have travelform yet, no one had mounts, but I had gw ), but it really started getting fun after I got wf (dem sexy procs ). Since then, enh has stayed my main all the way into early cata, where I quit. My reason for quitting was a lack of shaman development (which should give you an idea of my commitment to the class/spec). With homogenisation across the board, totems degraded into inferior utility, even with getting two spells (hex and CPT) we were bad at CC, and mobility isn't that good either. The best I can say is that survivability isn't as bad as it was, and there's more burst now for enh. Still, blizz has a way to go imo, crossing my fingers for the beta (as always), probably to be disappointed at lack of changes though (as always). After all, they announced that there wouldn't be all to much class balancing changes, even less in the way of overhauls or bigger class reworks.
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    My first character was tauren warrior, but I got bored with it pretty quickly. Orc enhancement shaman was my second toon and it just felt right (lore, melee hybrid etc.) and enha has been my main ever since (spring 2005).

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    Well, I'm kind of lazy. When I started playing my shaman, the class didn't really have any cool downs of note to manage

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    My guild during Wrath needed a healer and an alchemist to make flasks. Shaman seemed like the easiest to learn (gem haste, spam Chain Heal) and I was told I'd like it because I mained Druid and the two were reportedly "similar".

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    i was bored with my druid back in s2

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