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    Elemental Shaman Trinket doubts

    So, I am an elemental shaman, 482 ilvl, armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...kkage/advanced

    I was using the trinkets Relic of Yu'lon (darkmoon trinket) and Jade Magistrate Figurine (489 ilvl). Today, doing Terrace of the Endless Spring (LFR) I got Essence of Terror (483 ilvl), which i though was pretty good for my spec.

    I was wondering, which combo is the best one for me atm? with my gear as such. Also, if there is anything i'm doing wrong in terms of gear, please let me know (except from the bracers enchant, i know).

    Also, is there any website i can check which pieces are better for me? like speaking of trinkets, is there a list from best one to worst one?

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    Dark moon and one from LFR. The crit trinket is very weak.

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    Relic of Yu'lon is your BiS, so you'll be keeping it over any other trinket you get.

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    Relic of Yu'lon and Essence of Terror are your best in slot. Some stat weight maths would change this if your Essence of Terror remains the one from LFR, if you obtain one through normal and heroic is definitely the best trinket you can have.

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    I also had this happen to me, and as the others have said, Relic and Essence are by far the better combination. The Jade Magistrate Figurine is poor at best for an ele sham.

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