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    I think its superb she was allowed to join the team. If she can hang with the physical beating involved with contact sports (and the position she's playing) I see absolutely no problem with her getting out there.

    When a female can perform the same duties as a male (in whatever the context may be), theres pretty much no reason to have a gender barrier placed up to bar her from whatever that task is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artemishunter1 View Post
    its irresponsible to allow her to play. She is a tiny thing (according to description). If she was more big and bulky, then she will be perfect for the position. Right now, i think it is she is overkill target.
    I'm pretty sure she knows the risk she is taking though. What teenage competitive male wouldn't want to shut down the femal QB who just juked him and made the pass? Guys are going to have a grudge against her, due to the gender stereotype. Thats a given. I'm sure her coach at the very least is keeping an eye out for the heavy hitting opposing players, and giving her pointers "hey, see number 42? You need to shake him hardcore, or he's gonna flatten you"

    Females have a higher tolerance to pain, are more flexible, and have the potential to have better hand eye coordination than males (however, the concentration factor involved is yet to be determined... see 40+ years of female driver jokes for examples)
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    Quote Originally Posted by s_bushido View Post
    If a girl/woman is talented enough and has the physicality to earn a spot over her male peers, there's no reason she shouldn't be able to.
    ^Agreed. If a woman can prove herself and earn a spot on a team, then go for it. On the other side of the coin, she does accept (and should be fully aware of) the potential risks of injury, just as any athlete in any contact sport should be. If she's going to flinch at the mere thought of being pancaked at the 50 yard line, then it's time to either courage-up or hit the sideline. (Same for any male playing any contact sport too. Be prepared for potential pain, or GTFO.)


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    Not a big deal. Girls play on a men's teams all the time. Especially in highschool.

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    Good for her!
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    I don't know a lot about American football as it's not played here. However I know if I were playing rugby and the opposing team had a female on it, I'd have to go easy on her, whether it was warranted or not. You're not going to charge a 150lb girl with your full body weight, the same reason people would be outraged if they heard a girl got punched in the face (by a guy) for being a bitch. There's good reason male and female contact sports are seperate.

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    There was a female punter on my HS team. She laid a PR out one game so I wouldn't count them out.

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    it's kosher as long as they all change in the same locker room and use the same shower stalls

    if you want equality among sexes you damn well will get it in my opinion

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    This is all a publicity stunt, no coach would start a tiny frail woman over a 6' 2" 205 guy. Sorry just the way it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by zolok2.0 View Post
    This is all a publicity stunt, no coach would start a tiny frail woman over a 6' 2" 205 guy. Sorry just the way it is
    As I recall, she came in to end the game. Blowouts frequently have second and third string players in, to keep your starters healthy in a game you're going to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zolok2.0 View Post
    This is all a publicity stunt, no coach would start a tiny frail woman over a 6' 2" 205 guy. Sorry just the way it is
    It's clear from the thread that this isn't a flash in the pan publicity stunt. I personally know a girl (who I dated for years) who played football in high school. She wasn't only put on for 1 min as a show.. She was actually really good. She won awards and ended up wining our local championship. I didn't know her at that time, but still, not everyone is so sexist to suggest that a girl has no part on the field.

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    I don't understand how some of you people seem to think 156lbs at 5'6" is a "tiny thing". She's not really tall but guess what she probably a a bunch of muscle on her even if it doesn't look like it. If she was 110lbs or 120lbs then yea sure, but 156lbs is pretty solid. This of course is coming from a 5'8" 160lb girl who people constantly think is frail and are shocked when I lay them out.

    Also the fact that she is 3rd string is totally moot. As long as she is willing to take the hits and can perform her role well it doesn't matter if she is a girl or not.

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    Best of luck and good wishes to this lady! Her height and weight seems OK. Strength may be an issue, if defenders won't need to cover receivers more than 15yds out.
    We had three QB's in highschool, and switched our two starters between one who was a frail little guy (MAYBE 5'8", MAYBE 150lb soaking wet.) He was a little pansy though, and did get hurt from time to time.

    Where the unfair advantages come in for QB's, is size, height, and arm-strength. Larger guys won't be tipped as easily. Taller guys can pass over reaching arms. Stronger guys can throw 70yd+ passes.
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