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    I read that at 364 wpm with 73% comprehension (8 out of 11).

    But I didn't know I will have to answer questions :P so I didn't fiddle over seemingly irrelevant details, otherwise I'd read more carefully (and more slowly) but with as close to 100% comprehension as possible.

    Anyway I think it's not bad since english isn't my native language nor is it actively spoken in my country.

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    504 wpm with 91% comprehension.

    It would probably would've been lower if i didn't read the Harry Potter books when i was a kid. It's thanks to JK Rowling that i started to read/enjoy books in general and improve my reading speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    I don't know how you guys read that fast while keeping your comprehension so high. When I try to stop reading with my inner voice and just look at the words, my eyes tend to fly over words and I end up not remembering anything.
    hahaha I do the same thing. I usually end up catching myself and then going back and re-reading it from where I last remember.
    I got 190 WPM and 81% comprehension.

    Edit: It probably doesn't help that my TV is on either.
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    Move along.

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    320 with 82%, not bad i guess.

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    Why is this shit even listed as comprehension? It's nothing more than memorizing numbers. I have 693 wpm with 81% comprehension apparently. Any question without numbers I answer correctly, any answer with numbers I just click randomly because I didn't even try to memorize them, lol.

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    716 WPM with 100% comprehension?

    There is something not right there, haha. Even though my job is like 90% text and speed/accuracy that just seems WAY too fast to be possible.

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    651 WPM with 91% comprehension.

    I've always been a good reader though, and am classified intellectually gifted with a focus on linguistic capabilities. But I can attribute most of that to having a huge love of reading as a child, with the Harry Potter books being the first I read when I was six. Good memories from those books.
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    hahahaha No words read; 100% reading comprehension.

    Due to the context I basically only had to guess about WTF they could mean about "A race driver's average speakin speed?" ( *also* for a minute I was like, "Wait, is he/is he not supposed to be a part time auctioneer or some shit?" ) and the 50%/60%/85% one just made sense to me, /shrug.

    Edit: 498 wpm. Speed reading does seem pretty interesting, though.
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    403 WPM with 9% Comprehension....

    I blame my non-existent ADHD. And my anxiety.
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    990 WPM with 91% Comprehension, love reading

    Started really reading in second grade (Age 7 or so, for those not familiar with U.S. system), been reading anything I could get my hands on ever since.
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    264, 91%

    Doesnt sound at all fast enough:d

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    341 with 82% comprehension. Didn't bother to memorize the rubbish numbers.

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    383 WPM, 100% comprehension.

    Guess that's why I did well on my SATs =P

    EDIT: speed reading I was sitting ~600 WPM. I want to know how people's brains function at speeds higher than that...

    Although, in fairness, I'm probably rusty. I don't think I've read a book for fun in over a year, and that was the SoIaF series. Before that, I hadn't read a series since the end of Harry Potter. Most of the books I read nowadays are stuff like Heart of Darkness, and GOOD LUCK speed reading that...
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    614, with 91% accuracy

    If only I could read a bit faster It wouldn't take so long to read the giant books I decide are my favorites. So much more detail in the longer books (well for the most part)
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    357 WPM
    82% comprehesion

    didn't sleep and my eyes hurt as hell and my brain is not functioning that well, i am kinda suprised by my score :P

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    660 WPM. A lot faster than I expected lol. 73% on the comp. Mostly because the questions required you to extrapolate more information than was assumed in the text.

    However, if I'm actually reading for enjoyment (say, a novel as opposed to something work related) I tend to read slower. I don't know how to explain it, but I basically play out a book in my head like watching a movie. So I go through books in a much slower fashion. My best friend on the other hand reads through books like chugging a beer lol. He reads much faster than I do.
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    678 wpm with 100% comprehension

    could only reading 1 line at a time, i can get up to 3.
    when i was reading Lord of the Rings 3 lines at a time, it was like a daydream everything vanished and the whole thing played out in my head.
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    honestly i think the best indicator of my reading aptitude is that i clicked the link, read the title, skipped everything afterwards and clicked the Start button then stared at the screen for 60 seconds impatiently waiting for it to take me to the test, because i passed over the instructions and didn't see that the test was down below.

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    I just did the online test and I am at 346 wp and 91% comprehension.

    Not bad I guess.

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