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    I read at 212 wpm with 91% comprehension. I haven't read a book in probably 3 years, and even though I'm on the computer a lot, I think most of my time is spent watching something or playing games.

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    Don't have time to take the test right now, but did a test at school yesterday(in danish) and got 300 WPM with 100% correct answers to the questions afterwards. Gonna take the test later and post again.

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    281 100%. Never read a book for leisure.
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    Apparently 850wpm with 91% comprehension. But I know I can read much faster than that with around the same accuracy.

    According to my parents I started reading at around the age of 3-4. Surprised both my parents and my teachers since I never went to pre-school and my parents didn't know any better. By the time I was in year 4 (9 years old for non-UK people) I had the reading ability of an adult. I freaking love reading. If I could, I would spend all day reading books.

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    967wpm, 91% comprehension. Yeah, I read a lot.

    [edit] That's while eating lunch, too.
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    367 wpm and only 76% comprehension.
    Meh, between average and good reader. Almost at "good" lvl. I don't enjoy reading, and I never read books, so not surprising. My reading consists of online newspapers, forums and other crap.

    Would be better in Norwegian, but i'm not one to worry about this. Being a little above average is fine with me.

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    280 wpm with 100% comprehension I'm intentionally a slowish reader though as I had always thought it was better to understand than to quickly run through it

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    540WPM, + 60% comprehension,
    Could be better comprehension if I slowed down a little. Helps that I read several books a month and at least 2 newspapers a day as well as forums

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    Only 382WPM and 100% comprehension. I guess my mum was right, I am slow (Compared to my parents who can both pull 450+ with 100%).

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    366 WPM, 100% comprehension. I'm mostly glad that I got the 100% comprehension, not too bothered about a high reading speed. Quality over quantity!

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    469 with 91% comprehension. I'm sort of an on/off reader, sometimes I'll start reading 2 books a day for a couple of weeks and then not read any books for months

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    I got 366wpm and 91% comprehension! Above average at least.

    I don't think I could ever pull off 700wpm with a high comprehension.

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    Not even gonna try it, probably gonna be low. xD I'm anything but a reader, as the most I read is on these forums or mangas. Maybe the occasional news article.

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    457 wpm with 91% comprehension. Would prob be lower with a book, or kindle in my case. I don't read that much and have a habit of having to re-read pages cause I don't take anything in but I read heaps at my pc.
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    Took the test. 348 WPM and 91% comprehension. I can live with that, especially considering its my 3rd language :P

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    Apparently 1088 wpm. That seems excessively high, though I do tend to consume books considerably faster than anyone I know (to the point where I stopped buying hardcovers and switched to Kindle to store them all) maybe it's true.

    Not a reliable test, though, since you click the buttons yourself.

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    218, 85% comprehension...., i have 85% comprehension cause i'm bad with numbers XD (i forget really fast the details that are shown in numbers), if you don't have any number in a text i have 100% comprehension :P

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    I did the test again and got 660 with 82% comprehension. It's probably a bit skewed now though since I'm doing it the second time and I somewhat know what the content is. Still, I'm glad I improved.

    I was repeating the ABCs in my head to stop myself from auditory reading.
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    You read at 442 words per minute.

    I'm useless at reading large blocks of text, not only that, I can never remember what i just read in such a large amount of text, one of the reason's why i don't read books

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    I scored 413 wpm.
    I scored 414!
    and 91% comprehension

    i read a lot though.

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