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    I made a free app for the iPhone/iPod that determines your reading fluency. It gives you an age level and grade level at how well you read, process the information, than answer a question.

    The app is called "Reading Fluency Test" on iTunes. Check it out for a fairly accurate result on how fluently you read.

    Most people will be surprised with how bad they are at comprehending what they read.

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    672 at 91% efficiency. Good enough imo.
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    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
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    You are full of shit.

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    [email protected]%...Could be worse as English is my third language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klutzington View Post
    WPM doesn't mean anything if you do not comprehend the material.
    Which is why there's a comprehension test right after...
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    276 wpm, 73% comprehension. I'm extremely tired though (eyes are burning a bit from being over-tired) and not native english, although I'm proficient enough in it. I'd probably be firmly in the good reader category if I did this test while rested, right now I'm just at the lower edges of it.

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    975 wpm, 100%. To be fair, many of the answers weren't really hard to figure out even without reading the text. Around 1500 when I read Swedish, but then again, that's on paper, instead of a screen.
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    765 WPM at 91% efficiency, quite interesting

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    I got 333 wpm with 100% comprehension, pretty good I guess but seems like loads of people here read x2 faster than that. I haven't read a book since like 10th grade though (thanks sparknotes), so I guess I'm fine with this.

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    I don't know how you guys read that fast while keeping your comprehension so high. When I try to stop reading with my inner voice and just look at the words, my eyes tend to fly over words and I end up not remembering anything.
    To be honest, I always assumed that EVERYONE read with their inner voice, I never knew you could get away with reading without doing so.

    EDIT: Just a though, for you super human readers out there, the 600+ crew, how about posting how fast you read out loud? I'm just curious as to how much slower it would be on average.
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    426 WPM @ 82% accuracy. I answered one of the questions, not understanding it. I thought it was asking one thing and then realized I actually was at 91% accuracy. Way to read the questions...

    Apparently I am an auditory reader. I like to sound out each word in my head as if I were speaking out loud, but not vocally.

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    I'm a slow reader. I don't need a test to confirm that. I taste the words, trying to figure out what goes on behind the words (the person who wrote it, what state of mind was (s)he in, why did (s)he opt for this way of phrasing it instead of x, etc), and re-read words, sentences, and sometimes even paragraphs. I try to picture the scenario, and "simulate" various ways of viewing it, and backtrack if something doesn't add up.

    I don't know what my comprehension level is at, but I think it's way above average. And it won't matter if I test it a minute or a year after I've read the text, the scores should be pretty similar (though understandably the year after test will produce a somewhat lower score).
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    1279 wpm - 73% comprehension

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    264 64%

    But there's a hurricane outside and my parents are on the phone and watching family feud lol.

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    Did it again.
    466 wpm.
    64% comprehension.

    With music on loud.

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    281 WPM and 82% comprehension. Apparently I'm one of the stupider ones. >.>
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