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    Does anyone have any idea about for Horde shamans and in PvP? Can't choose between the extra trinket Trolls provide or the extra panic jump away Goblins provide.

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    go tauren for the warstomp stun imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biotics83 View Post
    go tauren for the warstomp stun imo
    Not sure if serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redtusk View Post
    Not sure if serious.
    Sure that not serious : )
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    Panda for now, but I'm sure Blizzard will nerf the Panda racial or buff the other racials when they get enough money from race changes. :3

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    I still think people are vastly underestimating the 20% (or 17% if you go for 3764 mark) boost to HTT that trolls give.

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    Exactly. I didn't even take that into account when I made the decision to switch from Troll to Panda. Now it seems like much less clear-cut of a decision, especially when you reach later tiers where spirit is more plentiful.

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    panda racial is actually poor if to take into account most classes ahve over 200 more base stats at 90

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    In terms of looks? Dwarf of course.
    But performance wise, probably goblin for that haste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeothecat View Post
    In terms of looks? Dwarf of course.
    But performance wise, probably goblin for that haste.
    Nah, the Goblin racial loses a load of value this expansion because of how automatic the haste breakpoints are. Troll is far stronger, given that Berserking is nearly guaranteed to give an extra HTT tick (but is hard to math out because of how bugged the totem breakpoints are). For Horde, it's a pretty close tossup between Troll for throughput and Pandaren for regen and stat flexibility. None of the other races are nearly as strong. For Alliance, unfortunately Pandaren is the strongest hands down (which I hate because I hate the Pandaren model and feel forced to have it).

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    Sadly I've stayed with my goblin because I've grown so attached to him. Their totems are awesome looking, they blow up stuff, and most of all rocket jump. I've saved my hide so many times with Rocket Jump that I can't even begin to count. Plus they are greedy, funny, witty, little green creatures that have guts when they time calls for them to battle. Also... goblin male dance FTW...

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