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    What If: Eastern Colonization

    My brother was talking about his friend's and his plan to play as China and Japan in Europa Universalis 3, and mentioned his plan to colonize Western America before Europe.

    My question to you guys is what do you think would have happened if "The East" had attempted colonization on the Western side of America while Europe was starting its colonization on the Eastern end? I'm not a history buff so I don't even have a clue what that outcome might be.

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    The United States would have just got rid of the Asian colonies like they did with the Indians.

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    You would either end up with 2 seperate countries, or a weird mish mash like what happened in canada with quebec. Of course dont count on the english winning, though they would have a far shorter distance to ship their troops
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    good question

    Id say the American empires in south america would have been destroyed sooner. assuming most north american history stays the same, the eastern empires would be defeated at least in north america. south america would have a very different gene pool and speak a very different language and have very different religious values or the continuation of their values since Buddhism and Hinduism(although not popular out side of the Indian subcontinent) are not the type of religious that focus on conversion.

    I also imagine this would have brought greater wealth to china allowing it to stay powerful even in dynasty form, same with japan.

    I say at least north america would have similar history since the west was able to dominate the east later on. Although instead of fighting the spanish, it would be fighting the chinesanish
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    under the assumption that the US still takes over the continent eventually, I think we'd have ended up with at least one added war with china somewhere in history. As is there really isn't that catalyst for us to hate each other.

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    We wouldn't need dus or subs =D

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