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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenofreak View Post
    I need to try my hand in sPvP before I give a final answer, but I hate WvWvW. It might be good fun if you're part of a strong group running around, but if you aren't, prepare to suffer due to the lack of mounts, huge zone, and no teleport points. Spending 5 minutes running trying to find action only to find 5 people roaming around to kick my ass only to return to the very beginning of the zone turned me off of it pretty fast. I also find Orr to be a rather large disappointment, but I went over that in the specific Orr thread.
    Agree, the constant running around in WvWvW is killing a lot of the enjoyment there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achaman View Post
    not gotten there yet but if wvw queues bother you so much change your server its still free ya know..
    That'd be great if I wasn't embedded on a server with 5 different guilds I used to play with in DAoC who picked the server solely based on the name before we knew it'd be so crowded.

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    Well, i'm 80 and i was wondering the same. I logged this morning asking to myself: k, i cannot finish the game, the final reward is bugged, instead of exotics it gives shitty lv30 trash. K i will finish it later.
    Let's do map completition. Oh, it's bugged, i cannot. K maybe i will finish it later.
    Uhm, let's do this jumping puzzle... when completed, i made some order on my bag and logged off.

    So, uhm.

    WvW / sPvp? Forget it, i hate zergfest.

    Ahh ye, dungeon tokens..

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    this is the big reason I opted not to buy the game I figured it would have the same fundamental flaws the first one had which is basically nothing to do once you max level.

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    There should be an "in the middle" option. I've opted to leveling an alt, as currently, PvP isn't keeping me fulfilled. The PvE aspect.... meh.

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    I guess I'd be enjoying the (pve-) endgame content - if there even was any.
    I absolutely hate the Pvp zergfest at the moment. GW1 had a better pvp model imo. Hope they fix this somehow and add some sense to doing dungeons so it'll keep me busy for some longer, 'cause at the moment, I can't tell where GW2 exceeds any retail RPG - the multiplayer aspect just did not deliver until now.

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    I'm not even near endgame yet and it will most likely take months before I'm there (I only play weekends and take my time to explore everything, as in look-up lore stuff on the wiki etc.). But if I reached endgame and found nothing to do, well I'll just close the game and wait for a content update, there's no pressure. When I finished Monkey Island 2 I wasn't disappointed that there were nothing else to do, I closed the game and looked forward to playing MI3.

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    Fixed thread title so it looks less trolly.

    OT: Eh. I played Guild Wars 1 for years. I know the exact style of game makes and got exactly what I was expecting out of the sequel. None of the 4+1 Guild Wars games have an endgame in the popular sense. That expectation is either borrowed or marketing.

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    Please change the title, the question in the title and the question in the poll are the exact opposite....
    I'm sure many people answered the wrong question...

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    54% enjoys the endgame and 46% thinks that the endgame is not lackluster. Great everyone loves the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Fixed thread title so it looks less trolly.

    OT: Eh. I played Guild Wars 1 for years. I know the exact style of game makes and got exactly what I was expecting out of the sequel. None of the 4+1 Guild Wars games have an endgame in the popular sense. That expectation is either borrowed or marketing.
    Well the questions are still contradicting eachother.

    I have fun casually playing at lv80. I dip into some WvW, ill probably get into some sPvP aswell. Or i go around Frostgorge or Orr getting into the events, because i enjoy them and to get karma/gold to use for getting gear. There are some pretty big events going on. I dont have world completion yet, so i still run around adventure style now and again, or getting into (jumping) puzzles. There are some pretty cool ones, like the ghost pirate in Lion's Arch. Keep finding more and more of these.

    Did a few dungeons runs, but i find the design behind them frustrating. And the idea of having to do the same dungeon a dozen times for one single piece of gear. No thanks, boring.
    And whenever i feel like not doing anything at lv80, i can still play one of my several alts. I find plenty of stuff to entertain me, at lv80 and before.

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    I can't fix the poll actually. Or rather, I am not sure how to. Just the thread title. /single tear

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    Levelling to 80 was fun, but the end game is just one huge boring grind which I won't be doing.

    Doing the 5 mans a couple of times is enough for me, they are just boring after that. WvW is ok for a bit, but gets boring fast. Not any skill at all involved in it.

    I was hoping Orr was going to be a hard pve area, but it's like everywhere else, a zerg fest.

    edit: wtf is up with the poll, I clicked yes... but looking at it now, I should of clicked no...
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    I know this might seem a bit idiotic - but could you amend the poll question to read the same as the thread title. I read the thread title and then clicked "yes" in response to that rather than the poll question.

    Silly mistake, I know, but the thread title is the first thing you read and it sticks in your head for the first few seconds.

    But anyway - end game is a bit "meh" - levelling was fun, but I don't want to create another character so soon.

    EDIT: Just realised that this has already been mentioned in previous posts. Apologies.

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    80 Things to Do At Level 80

    Complete your personal story
    Defeat Zhaitan
    Unlock all available skills for your profession / race
    Raise your crafting disciplines to skill level 400
    Earn enough gold to purchase a racial armor set
    Earn enough karma to purchase an exotic armor set
    Play through all dungeons in story mode
    Complete all dungeons in explorable mode
    Complete all 33 possible explorable mode dungeon paths
    Earn enough dungeon tokens to purchase a set of armor
    Collect a set of armor from each dungeon in the game
    Start a petition to make the Undead Orrian Chicken a new necro minion
    Earn enough karma to purchase a racial weapon
    Craft an exotic weapon for your character
    Craft an exotic armor set for your character
    Purchase a Dragon’s Deep weapon
    Earn all possible PvE titles
    Experiment with new builds for your profession
    Discover all possible recipes for your crafting disciplines
    Master all crafting disciplines
    Experiment with the Mystic Forge
    Create a Mystic weapon in the Mystic Forge
    Craft a legendary weapon in the Mystic Forge
    Explore all areas in the game
    Find and use a vial of black dye
    Find a vial of black dye and give it to a friend
    Create or purchase a full set of 20 slot bags
    Give Logan a wedgie
    Participate in the Norn Keg Brawl
    Unlock all Keg Brawl achievements
    Create a new character to experience a different profession / race
    Participate in structured PvP
    Raise your sPvP rank
    Achieve the rank of Ascendant in sPvP
    Complete your favorite sPvP cosmetic armor set
    Collect new cosmetic weapon skins for sPvP
    Unlock all possible cosmetic weapon and armor skins in sPvP
    Earn all sPvP titles
    Find and complete all 31 jumping puzzles
    Complete the current Monthly achievements
    Help your guild earn influence to unlock additional perks
    Outrun a centaur
    Charm all possible pets as a Ranger
    Create an all-ranger guild called Team Rocket, lose constantly in sPvP
    Collect all 101 types of cooking materials
    Fill every collection slot in the bank with at least one item
    Participate in World versus World
    Help your world win in WvW
    Defeat enough enemy players in WvW to complete the medal
    Complete the awesome Yakslapper achievement in WvW
    Complete all WvW achievements
    Build and use all siege weapon types in WvW
    Earn all possible WvW Titles
    Play the organ in Caledon forest, and party with the Quaggan
    Earn enough gold to purchase a Commander Tome
    Visit the monument to Killeen and pay your respects
    Defeat the Shatterer
    Defeat the Claw of Jormag
    Defeat Tequatl the Sunless
    Add new friends to your friend’s list
    Organize an in-game event for your guild
    Complete every map in the game
    Participate in meta events
    Discover and participate in new dynamic events
    Collect stacks of butter and butter prank your friends
    Learn the ins and outs of the Trading Post
    Get rich selling Globs of Ectoplasm
    Buy a Box o’ Fun and throw a party in Lion’s Arch
    Complete an armor set for your character’s Order
    Read all of the books in Divinity's Reach
    Read the story of how Ebonhawke was founded
    Complete all possible weapon achievements for your character
    Defeat the Champion of Grenth and purchase the exotic armor set
    Write about your level 80 experience, have it published on GW2Hub
    Purchase a set of armor from the guild armorsmith
    Purchase a set of weapons from the guild weaponsmith
    Complete all Slayer achievements
    Complete the Lifetime Survivor achievement
    Go skydiving in Arah after defeating Zhaitan
    Have fun!
    English is not my first language, feel free to point out any mistake so i can keep learning.

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    I am no where close to getting my Dungeon Masters Achievement, along with everything else there is to do in the game I will be occupied for a good long while

    Here are the requirements-

    Catacombs Conqueror (Ascalonian Catacombs 4 paths complete)
    Manor Magnate ( Caudecus's Manor 4 paths complete)
    Twilight's Idol (Twilight Arbor 4 paths complete)
    Sorrow's Subjugator (Sorrow's Embrace 4 paths complete)
    Flame Citadel Foe (Citadel of Flame 4 paths complete)
    Sanctuary Savior (Honor of the Waves 4 paths complete)
    Eternity's Epitome (Crucible of Eternity 4 paths complete)
    Master of Arah (Ruined City of Arah 5 paths complete)
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    I don't think it's lackluster, but it caters to a certain type of people. If you like gear grinds and advancements in stats at max level... you aren't really going to get them unfortunately. If you like to do stuff, and try to do every event, basically you're a completionist, this game has tons of stuff to do.

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    Lackluster? Not if you PvP, that's always been the strength of this franchise.

    The leveling was just icing on the cake and a pleasant surprise for me (although I did encounter a lot of bugged DEs in the higher level zones).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kliffharry View Post
    Then maybe this game isn't what you want it to be. As of right now the main endgame aspect in the game is PvP, there's no denying that. I also prefer PvE over PvP, but there's plenty of other games that has the PvE I like so why don't play them all at once?
    PvP isn't endgame in GW2, you can do it at any level...

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    I actually didn't even notice when I hit level cap. I probably got another "level" or two of experience before it hit me that I wasn't getting any more traits. The game is simply fun to play and I have tons left to experience.

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