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    Windwalker capability to use statue / heal

    I was not a part of the MoP beta, so pardon the lame inquiry. I tried googling this around, but from what I can gather, only Tank/Heal Monks will be able to use Jade Serpent Statue. Is this currently true? Will DPS monks have any sort of survival/heal capabilities that they can spend chi on, (sort of like word of glory for paladins), or be able to also drop a statue to allow them to heal themselves passively while fighting (like Recuperate for rogues)?

    What kind of survival are Windwalkers looking at while doing DPS compared to other DPS classes out there?

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    Hey, I'll clarify that up for you.

    Only Mistweaver spec gets Jade Serpent statue.
    Brewmasters receive the Black Ox statue that puts guard on raid members (other than the monk him/herself) periodically (forget what it procs off of now, used to be every 4 chi spent, may or may not have changed.)
    Windwalkers don't get a statue of any kind.

    As for survival/healing,
    -we can rotationally use Expel harm (essentially replacing a Jab, it still generates 2 chi, does more damage than jab, but has a CD and can't proc our mastery)
    -We can rotationally use our tier 45 talents (the idea being to replace a Blackout kick with them in our rotation only when the extra healing effort is warrented (Blue platform of H Madness for example)
    -Fortifying Brew: A 2? 3? min CD that gives us 20% more HP and reduces damage taken by 20%
    -Although we have to channel it, Zen meditation can be a decent raid cooldown
    -Touch of karma: imo, the neatest ability we have in our arsenal, for the next 8? secs, all damage taken by the Windwalker is negated, and reversed back to the enemy over 6 secs. (using the rolling "ignite" mechanic we're familiar with from mages) (effect ends if monk takes over 100% of his/her health.) If used intelligently, this not only becomes a powerful survival Cooldown, but a significant DPS boost as well.

    Hopefully that answers some of your questions

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    Haven't seen any encounter yet where zen meditation was useful as a raid cooldown
    Fortifying brew is 3min
    Touch of Karma is pretty much an absorb shield as big as your max hp, any damage beyond that is not negated. You can pair it up with Fortifying brew for 20% more absorb/damage

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    Also it isn't a cooldown or anything special but blackout kick heals you when your attacking infront of the target ( really only useful for leveling im guessing) if you dont glyph it to do the extra damage all the time. I think its 20% of the damage done.

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    Healing for WW consists of these abilities.


    Black out Kick gives a heal but only in front of the target which is bad for raiding
    Healing Sphere, but costs energy to place one.
    Expel Harm heals and generates chi on a 15 sec cd.

    Chi Wave
    Zen Sphere
    Chi Burst

    All cost 2 chi to use all on tier 2 of talents

    Tier 5 talents has Healing Elixirs, it's passive and activates when you consume a Brew or Tea

    Damage reduct is

    Fortifying Brew
    Touch of Karma
    Grapple Weapon might be able to be used to reduce damage on a disarmable boss
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    The Monk's "survival tier" of talents is absolutely amazing in terms of personal well-being. It contains a choice between two cooldowns and some passive healing.

    Dampen Harm is a nifty cooldown that cuts incoming damage in half, so long as it was going to hit for more than 10% of your HP. It's basically a super-powered short-term Shield Wall for a DPS class.
    Diffuse Magic is a magnificent anti-magic cooldown, that not only reduces all magic damage taken by 90% but also dispels all magic debuffs off you AND reverses them onto whoever cast them onto you, if applicable (though sadly this doesn't really apply to any raid encounters as far as I've seen).
    Healing Elixirs gives you some passive self-healing every time you drink a Tea or Brew (as a Windwalker you have Tigereye Brew and Energising Brew). This one is particularly good when you know you'll be facing constant pulses of damage, as you chug Brews a couple of times a minute, so it's handy for helping out healers.

    In addition, Windwalkers have one of the best survival cooldowns in the game with Touch Of Karma. It's basically an absorb bubble equal to your max HP which also deals damage equal to the amount absorbed. If used smartly, it's the highest damage-per-Chi move you have while at the same time basically giving you Godmode for 6 seconds.
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    People are also forgetting the Windwalker's defensive passives;

    When you are attacked by a melee enemy in front of you, you begin to spar their attacks, increasing your chance to parry by 5% for 10 sec. This effect has a 30 sec cooldown.

    When you attack them back, Sparring is amplified by an additional 5%. Stacks up to 3 times.
    When you are disarmed, your chance to dodge is increased by 25% for 5 sec.
    And of course the class-wide passive which I absolutely adore;

    Swift Reflexes
    Increases your chance to parry by 5%.

    Whenever you parry an attack, you reflexively strike back at the enemy for x damage. This effect has a 1 sec cooldown.)

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