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  • 100% (ocarina of time-like)

    30 11.86%
  • 95-99%

    25 9.88%
  • 90-94%

    77 30.43%
  • 85-89%

    47 18.58%
  • 80-84%

    23 9.09%
  • 70-79%

    20 7.91%
  • 60-69%

    4 1.58%
  • 50-59%

    2 0.79%
  • 40-49%

    2 0.79%
  • <40% (off the road racing)

    23 9.09%
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    Well since most of the reviewers aren't hardcore WoW players they will most likely judge it on the amount of content and how much fun the expansion is rather than making the game easier, more casual or whatever the MoP haters say about it. So most likely 90%-94%. I would give it around the same score because MoP to me is looking really good and will probably be my most favorite expansion even more than BC.

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    Because the reviewers do this for a living and learned to be objective.
    Might even be above 95%

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    Quote Originally Posted by thekrik View Post
    I won't play a game unless it's over 90%. That's just my rule...
    All my favorite games are 70-80. Ratings mean shit. You could be missing out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thekrik View Post
    I won't play a game unless it's over 90%. That's just my rule...
    I'm sorry, I normally don't berate other people for their beliefs or opinions, but your rule stinks. Honestly, there are SO many good games that score under 90% review rating out there. Plus, why let reviews dictate what you play?

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    It will get around 90%, just as the other expansions:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korbany View Post
    I would imagine professional reviews such as magazines will give MoP around a 85% to 90% score. After a month or so I suspect the more important user reviews will be a lot lower, maybe around 60%.

    Sad truth is, that while in many ways MoP is the strongest and most feature packed wow expansion yet, it is simply too little too late. MoP is the expansion that cataclysm should have been. Add to that the fact that Blizzard have given Arena Net a whole months head start, that will undoubtedly affect sales of MoP as many players simply won't have the need to come back as they are getting their mmo fix elsewhere.
    Almost everyone I have talked to isnt too happy with Arena Net. Also how in the hell is it too little too late..... 10 millions subs still pretty sure they have more than enough time to recover.

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