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    I dont even remember the ch3 storyline for the Trooper, it just seemed to blend together with all the other quests.

    Consular was pretty good, but I kinda would have like to found a way to take out that force ghost sith from the ch1 questline. Building an army is pretty cool too.

    Im liking BH and Sith War so far. I play mostly lightside so it was cool when you talk to Jaessa on how you want to change the Empire and you both have to hide your true intentions. Also making vette happy by being a dick to Barras is fun.

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    Please take this advice, if you are a Trooper, and are in Chapter 3, do the Corellia Story Quest. You don't have to do the bonus missions, just the main storyline for Corellia. Then when you get you the last part of Corellia's Story Quest, finish your Trooper Story Quest, and then immediately go finish the last Corellia Mission, it makes the experience that much more epic and they tie in quite nicely together.

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    i'm a low down FtoP player but ive tried every class ( the jedis) and they're all fun. except the jedi. the jedi start is so dumb and so stupid i quit at lvl. 3 so u dudes shouldn't be complaining about some later stages of the trooper if the START of the jedi sucks balls

    p.s. im an empire player

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    IM an IMP HAHAHA screw the republic go become a bounty hunter! HAHAHA

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    Troopers is one of the last stories I am getting around too because I hate how real life soldiers are all yes men, having no real choice if they want to go to war (once they sign up to be called) even if the war was stupid like the Iraq conflict (not to be confused with the Afganistan conflict)

    Of course this IS a videogame so an army in any video game is about as real as the CSI agents in CSI: Miami and such... (i.e strolling in wearing nice clothes only sometimes holding a breath mask with their bare hands, touching everything then going back to do most of the tests themselves and 2 others.... yeah... cause thats how its really done...)

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    You are not playing an "armymen"... it's more along Black Ops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychlon View Post
    You are not playing an "armymen"... it's more along Black Ops
    Well its not THAT bad. ~_^

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    no its not i kind of actually injoyed it even though im a kick ass for a lvl. 11

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    also i think the trooper charecter is my favorite even though im an imp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychlon View Post
    You are not playing an "armymen"... it's more along Black Ops
    oh no! hes a spy! hes endangering agents on the feild!!!

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    * enjoyed
    '* various other spelling mistakes

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