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    why is it ok for muslims to hate the western world?

    why is it ok for muslims to hate the western world and preach for them to kill anyone against them.
    but when somebody talks bad about them its racists and they go crazy?

    recently here in aus we had the muslims protesting over that american video about the prophet mohamed..
    now they went around the city attacking police officers and calling for beheading of anyone against the prophet.

    now first of all australia had nothing to do with that video but they still choose to fight us and attack us and call for us to be killed.

    the muslim leaders came out and said quote "if anybody against the prophet they will not hear our response they will see our response"
    they are basically calling for all muslims to attack everybody else.

    now lets just say it was other way around and western world attacked muslims do you think that would be ok?
    or would they make it a big deal and call everybody racists and carry on more and start more conflicts?

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    It is not okay for either side. But there is being reasonable and there is being racist. Calling all muslims warmongers and crazy because some choose to protest is stupid.

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    This thread won't last long. In the future, it may be wise to not bash a particular religion. And I'm sure there are constructive ways to address cultural differences that don't immediately lend themselves to flame wars.

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    It's not okay. And muslims are not a race.

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    Who knows, but i think the majority of real Muslims don't actually hate the western world, they may frown upon us for what we do but each to their own. I don't think they hate us, sure some extremists hate us and the western world does a good job of convincing us (the western world) that Muslims are bad, but that isn't the case......

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    Funny enough, here in Spain where we historically have an important muslim community, they've been pretty calmed. I guess it's derived of a perception of hatred and prosecution from anglosaxon societies, mainly.

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    It's not okay for anyone to hate someone! Specially countries that should be teaching that love, friendship and unity is one of the most important things!
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    It's not OK, but extremists of any denomination shouldn't be confused with being the measuring rod of an entire people. You don't generally get on CNN by being a moderate, but the people you do see doing awful things are a minority not the standard. Easy to forget when that's the coverage you get daily on the news.

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    As a start, could you define the "Muslim Leaders".. I'm a bit confused by that one, also, a source to it will be helpful.

    As of those Muslims attacking police forces and seeking violence, they should be treated like any other normal criminal really, no other way around it.

    As of your 1st sentence about Muslims hating the west etc, I'd appreciate if you don't stereotype a whooping 1.4b people by the actions of few. Killing and attacking foreign personnel and properties isn't right, and shouldn't be tolerated. but stereotyping ALL Muslims by the actions of extremists isn't fair either.

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    They can do it because we are pussies who allow them to (this thead will be locked for the same reason, most likely). We let them into our countries, and we don't even deal with those who do bad things.

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    Westerners don't really care what the filthy, unwashed masses of the rest of the world think of us; we have a long and proud history of making people do what we want by totally disregarding their opinions on whatever point of contention, then anchoring a few warships at their harbors and shooting at their cities until they give in, or some variation thereof. Being disliked by the rest of the world is a part of our culture to such a degree that it's a surprise if somebody doesn't hate us. With that attitude, it's hard to get upset when people show you how much they don't like you; we all knew that already!

    And muslims are not a race. You'd have to be increidbly ignorant of what both the words "muslim" and the word "race" mean to say something as inane as that.
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    The heck? Who says it's okay exactly?

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    It's not OK, but Islam is a religion of war, and this will never end until one of 3 things happen.

    1. Islamic stop Jihads (Cold day in Hades)
    2. Islam is outlawed on Earth, much like National Socialism was (Nazi) (yah that won't be fun)
    3. Alien Invasion. Best option
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    Muslims calling people criticizing them racists are racist. They're indirectly saying white people can't be muslims and since they can it's not racist to criticize islam. I saw some news showing how some of them had crucified a cat because of the video. The things I would do to rid the world of religious zealots... but it's a forbidden topic for some reason so you might as well go to another website and discuss it.
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    It's "okay" because they're not white (well some convert to islam but meh), and only whites can be regarded as racist

    Wish it wasn't, but let's not pretend like a "white-only" party or whatever doesn't raise more controversy than "black-only" would
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    Basically the extremists of that religion are treated like they act: wild animals that you need to be particularly cautious around.

    Countering them with logic doesn't seem to work, and countering with more violence towards them definitely is a bad idea.

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    In the UK its pretty bad, I'm not a racist I think everyone should be able to live/believe wherever/whatever they want to but here if white people say anything about Muslims they are arrested and prosocuted (spl?). But if a Muslim/black/asian whoever says anything bad towards a white man nothing seems to be done about it. And I say this with first hand experience.

    I used to live near West Ham united football club, Now when we won a match the police were very heavy handed in any celebration as far as blocking people from going down the main road (Green Street). When Pakistan won a cricket tourny ALL the area had cars with passengers standing on the roofs/shouting waving flags etc and the police ignored every single person doing the celebration (that I saw myself) due to fears of being racist.. Now I am talking cars doing 10-20 MPH down main roads with people on the roofs celebrating..

    I'm not sure if it makes me racist or not but I do think the government in the UK need to stop treating people different because the colour of the skin/religion.
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    saw this on topic just earlier today:

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    The religion is pure evil. Just read the Quran.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gothicshark View Post
    It's not OK, but Islam is a religion of war, and this will never end until one of 3 things happen.

    1. Islamic stop Jihads (Cold day in Hades)
    2. Islam is outlawed on Earth, much like National Socialism was (Nazi) (yah that won't be fun)
    3. Alien Invasion. Best option
    I can safely say that is the stupidest and most ignorant shit ive heard all week

    1.Islam is not a religion of war , muslims are actually taught that war is only the LAST resort
    2. the people you see protesting are not following the way of islam , we shouldent act like idiots and protest out of anything
    3. if you actually think a bunch of protesters are the entire population of Muslims or you think that the other Muslims think they're right then you need to be more properly educated

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