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    Question about the Rastafari


    I know that religious debate isn't allowed in these forums and i hope that this one won't escalate in to a debate.

    I posted this one in hope to reach a person that is following the rastafari religion because i was wondering about a certain aspect of that religion and you people are quite hard to reach in any forum . If this is in any way annoying or offending to anyone, i hope that the topic will be closed.

    My question is:

    I am a christian person, but as i have talked to many people of my faith, i have come to the conclusion that us christians and the rastafari are actually of the same faith with the exception of us not believing to the godly status of the Haile Selassie. My brother that is a lutherian pastor also believes this way.

    Those that do not believe in any of these things have to understand the fact that most of the modern day christians actually do not follow the bible. If it is in any of your interest(i mean the most of the people reading these forums ) to see what i actually mean, i urge you to educate your self, not in a religious way but for the sake of knowledge.

    Rastafarian people want the unity of all mankind, so do christian people. Ganja is not a sacred herb of us, but nowhere in the bible is it forbidden to use intoxicating substances. Anything that takes you away from god(overuse of anything)is forbidden, but so is in the eyes of the Rastafari. Yellowman, one of the godfathers of dancehall reggae is a christian and a Rastafari at the same time.

    As i said, i'm sorry if this is annoying to anyone, but i didn't find any forum big enough to get my answer. And you people here seem to be fairly educated from time to time to answer these offtopic questions

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    Also you didnt ask anything

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    Ok, I'm an ignorant. There is an actual rastafari religion ?!?

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    Whats the actual question?

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    I'm sorry, but we don't allow religious discussion here. It always ends up bad

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