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    In PvP mesmer/guardian (sustained fight kings) > warrior/thief/ranger (burst kings) > necromancer (requires too much time to get "started up" but quite powerful once done) > engineer (situational, excels in mines and point defence allowing for very powerful 1v1 and even 1v2 in some places but lackluster without support or point to defend) > elementalist (great support, terrible at everything else).

    In PvE, it's a bit of a different story, mesmer falls into the middle of the pack, guardian/warrior are basically kings due to having both damage and best tanking ability in one package, thief is great burst but a bit squishy on frontlines, necromancer is great when alone but tends to overlap with other condition damage players, elementalist has great healing and control but worst survivability of the lot coupled with lackluster damage and ranger becomes a fairly weird ranged damage/healer mix due to lack of places to use first strike.

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    I dont think any class is OP, it just depends on your mind set when your fighting something...
    Some days I wipe the floor with a certain class, some days they wipe the floor with me.
    You may remember me from such threads as!

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    Answer is obvious: TEAMWORK
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    I feel that the mesmer is potentially the strongest one.

    But thieves and warriors are beasts in groups. Basically if you for some reason don't have your stunbreaker up or can't dodge then they will tear you apart.
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    Mesmer, Warrior, Thief three way tie

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    Norn tits are OP!
    When in doubt, mumble...

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    I feel like I get out-damaged by everyone on my mesmer. Don't think they are weak, but unless you want to kite/confuse for 10 minutes then you better go for the assist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fc0712 View Post
    What is the most overpowered class at the moment?
    The one your not playing. If your playing an elementalist Warriors with their high melee burst are OP. If your playing a warrior Thieves with their super evasivness avoiding all your attacks and going invisable when you land one are OP. IF your playing a thief... you get the idea.

    Dont go looking for the Most OP profession and be a FOTM chaser like folks did in WoW and many other games. Various classes and builds withen classes may seem OP depending on your class and build but trust me they've got a target they are dreading to encounter just as much.

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    Ranger and Thief.

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    Class inbalance was something I had concerns over but not more than the worry of being trained by a coordinated attack especially without the heals. It doesnt sound to imbalanced on a class basis i certainly never felt too inferior but i mostly stayed in wvw which was just zerging.

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    Thief and warrior.

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    Well, they just nerfed Heartseeker. So at least there is your answer regarding a class's ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strah View Post
    B-but i can destroy warriors with them barely doing any damage on my staff/swordpistol mesmer .

    I'd go with mesmer or guardian.
    wait mesmers can equip pistols, damn wish i researched a bit. i was turned off by the mask at launch. can you turn the mask off, i want a mesmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashnazg View Post
    Warrior/Thief > everyone else > Ele

    Right, because other games make it a point to create an unbalanced gaming experience.
    Aaaaaactually. This happens. So don't be so quick to think its ridiculous. It creates meta game buzz. You got people playing the OP team/character/deck, then you have the other people trying to figure out clever ways to beat those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyre Fierceshot View Post
    Warriors are actually one of least powerful classes at the moment. Just because one build can do high damage doesn't make Warriors OP. The Warriors running round with Frenzy GS builds are easy to counter.

    Your three most OP professions are pretty weird all together. Thief had two stupid builds but not OP again.
    Saying a class isn't OP because 9/10 builds aren't nearly as strong as the 10th build doesn't make any sense.

    If one build of a certain class is really, really strong compared to even other classes then that class would be considered "op". And think "OP" is very loosely used in this context. No class is, say for example, as strong as Ret Pallies in 3.0 but some classes with certain builds are a lot stronger than others. Does this mean that because only one build of the warrior class is a lot stronger than the other builds that means the entire warrior class can't be considered "OP"?..

    Try not to take things too literal next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caliph View Post
    wait mesmers can equip pistols, damn wish i researched a bit. i was turned off by the mask at launch. can you turn the mask off, i want a mesmer.
    Only off-hand pistol though!

    I find myself dying very few times on my thief and warrior. But then, those two are my only high level characters (58 and 80). If played right with the right build I'd say that most professions can be OP.

    (also, I'll focus more on my mesmer - reading the comments in here, mohahaahahahaa)

    That said... I want a Keg Brawler profession!
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    I feel that in pvp as a mesmer i can win in any one on one, but in very large fights my illusions are destroyed even with traits, and also mesmer's are the teemo's. Enemies feel the need to deal with the mesmer first, which is a smart choice since my incredible amounts of boons and conditions can really wreck in extended fights. I feel that warriors and thiefs are in the best place right now, but I do not feel that anything is actually broken.

    Also..mesmers are so damn fun, just really weird to get used to in the beginning but they are worth it.

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    How much i hate mesmers (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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    It seems ppl have the energy to whine for a game , for not beeing exactly like their <<main>> game , while it dont have a SUB , and they dont have the courage to whine at their Game Master for slacking and producing few PvE content ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plzbegentle View Post
    How much i hate mesmers (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
    You're just jealous of our fabulousness.

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