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    The Trouble With Tiers

    The major problem is that players are left behind once the next tier commences. Now before anyone uses the current wow model of let all players see all the content I think we can see where that's gotten them with pleasing their community. It has caused a divide. Mmorpg's are not about the divide they are about he community. If gw2 never implements the hamster wheel of gear progression I for one will be extremely pleased. I believe the game should be available to all and the traditional raiding model does not support that. The best solution I could come up with is world bosses. If I could implement something to appease the raiders it would be several world bosses on a massive scale. These bosses would require at least 30 very skilled individuals to defeat them with a 40 person group being preferred. That is the way ArenaNet hits both targets by making a difficult raid and forcing community togetherness to accomplish a task. Thoughts?

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    You... made the divide. Forged the divide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abstieg View Post
    You... made the divide. Forged the divide.
    You as in me?

    While I would like to take credit for being so influential I highly doubt that I was the one that caused the divide between the hardcore raiders and the casual base.

    If I was the cause then....all bow to your new master!!! I am THE game.

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