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    I prefer RP names, I don't RP personally, but I just like the idea of having a name I would call my child instead of silly things.

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    I try to use a back story and mind set behind my characters, so RP names, happens that i might make a funny-name character, but never a trollname character NEVER. I dislike even the thought of:bloodboilerz as a DK name.. or Coxingaround or something like that.
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    ---Fun names----
    Dwarf Warlock - Stroodle
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Troll names are usually super overdone cliches and usually not funny, so they are not really appealing to me on any level.
    They're my favourite kind of name; so bad that they become good. It's very hipster irony.
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    RP names.
    I don't know about you, but I see this game as it is, an MMORPG. Anything that sounds silly or trollish is just stupid to me.

    "Hey my wife had a baby, I think we'll name it xxDKARTHUSxx!"

    I don't even get what goes through people's heads when they create a char and decide to name it that (or similar crap)
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    Just keep your idea of hilarious or trolling names off the RP servers and we can all get along.

    Add to that excessive high-ASCII names like Yÿùúéæñäêæåç - one or two, fine. A bunch is just a pain for anyone that wants to talk to you or invite you.

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    I like fun names, like my undead warrior, Rotbones

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    Roleplay names of course. I can't stand if i see paladin which got a name like Bubblezomg, sweetelf etc..also i don't like name's with that strange letter's, for example Yÿùúéæñäêæåç . Most of my chars got rp name (at least i hope this names are fit to their race ), but got also one normal name, which is my dk, that i called Narcy. However im think about create Tauren Monk, and called him Bullee

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    Well if video game characters count as fun names then I like fun names. I like to name my guys after my favorite video game characters and sometimes I'll make up some of it so it's looks more like a Warcraft name (example: Link from Legend of Zelda. I made a Blood Elf Paladin named Bloodlink Blood for the Blood Elf and Link for Legend of Zelda) I like RP names too but I'm not that good at making up names I'd be there for hours just trying to figure out a name.
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    Wow 52 voted for "RP" names. I presonally dislike those that name their chars "Arthas" or "Deathwing" or whatever RP name cos it lacks originality. I like Trolly names cos they make me laugh.
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    RP/Fun names for me.
    Fun names for me would often be puns about the class eg. Oprahwindfury
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    With very few exceptions I always name characters something appropriate, not true lolrp names but not stupid either. Personally I hate seeing people with dumb names like "stabbyoazz" or "xxsaiyanxx", and I immediately consider these people to be immature children (even if they're adults). I have my share of names that I use which are puns or plays on words (hell my main is named Hackbar, so 1) He's a bloodthirsty Orc, 2) he's a bloodthirsty Warrior, and 3) a reference to Admiral Ackbar, especially since I run with the Bloodsail Admiral title) but in good taste.

    I think the trolliest name I've used is going to be for my future monk, ironically a Troll named "Fumonchu". Otherwise I always pick names at least sound like they could be a real name. My rule of thumb is if it's not a name I could use in a "beer and pretzels" style D&D game, it doesn't belong in WoW (or any other fantasy MMORPG).
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    I hate trolly names.
    Real names all the way (by real, I mean RP, not human names).
    And Liara was around before ME, so it doesn't count as a fun name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deepsidedj View Post
    Wow 52 voted for "RP" names. I presonally dislike those that name their chars "Arthas" or "Deathwing" or whatever RP name cos it lacks originality. I like Trolly names cos they make me laugh.
    That's not an "RP" name.

    An RP name is a name, like my own name, that would fit in a fantasy story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    That's not an "RP" name.
    Was gonna say the same thing >_>

    But RP names all the way, the other two just... ugh.. I also have a serious problem with people using letters with weird symbols on them, can't use the /who or a /w for "Västanfjärd" if I can only type the first letter >_<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterstrife View Post
    RP/Fun names for me.
    Fun names for me would often be puns about the class eg. Oprahwindfury
    For some reason I really dislike pun-names. Unless it's really clever...but still.
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    I prefer RPish names. Or at least something mildly creative.

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    Although I do not support roll play there should be no room in this game for names such as meiballzitch etc.
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    Well, my main is Aviney, but I have a dwarf shaman named Funyun, a night elf rogue named Safeword, and a gnome priest named Pepperoncini and I'll have a panda monk named Bambooty.

    Most of my characters have serious sounding names, like Aviney, Iradmi, Yeniva, Zeenik, and Laelm, but I wanted something not so serious for some of my characters.
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    I'll use fun names on occasion, but my preference is RP names.
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    In WoW I use a mish-mash of fun name and RP names. Such as:

    Warlock - Impanada (Imp + Empanada)
    Shaman - Shaleshocked (Shale is rock/earthy for dwarf, and shocked for Shaman shock spells)

    Paladin - Fellheart
    DK - Lillith (name of Adam's original wife in ancient mythology, who was banished from Eden)

    I also has a few names after characters from books:
    Priest - Coraline
    Druid - Allanone (Allanon with an E. Yeah...creative, I know)
    Mage - Delyrium (Delirium from The Sandman)

    In GW2, though, I use strictly RP names because silly names don't fit in that world. On top of that, character creation is so in depth in GW2 that it feels silly to give a character named Bangbangbaby a back story (which you do in GW2).

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