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    I admit, upon reading the title, I really thought it would go like this.... how often should someone change their underwear.
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    I don't wear socks. MMMMMMMMM....

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    Minimum once every 2 days, even though I'd suggest changing em at least once or twice a day.

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    As many times as they want to. I don't decide what they should do.. But I change them 1-2 times a day myself, just everytime I shower. Thats 1 time normally, 2 times when I hit the gym :P

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    If you're just walking around the house and it's otherwise clean in there, a couple of days will do I think. If you're wearing shoes for even a little bit, you should change them at least once a day.

    That's why I'm basically always barefoot unless I'm going somewhere.

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    Once a day.

    I too try to go barefoot as much as I can, but I have appalling circulation in my feet so they get cold very quickly.

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    my feet sweat a lot, and not getting a lot of opportunity to go barefoot (factory work ftl) I tend to do laundry a bit more and burn through 2 pairs daily
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    Twice a day. Any less is dirty and disgusting.

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    being someone that does sports i usually go through 2-3 pairs of socks a day lol...but even on days where i dont work out or play i change them every day, anything longer than that is kinda gross
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    Once a day at the every every every least. I change my socks 2-3 times a day. Smell your socks at night, unless you wear brand new shoes/socks every day then its going to smell bad.

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    Change after each shower.

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    When it becomes kinda hard to peel them off your feet and smell repels small animals and children in 50m radius.
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    Wear army boots and nobody will smell that you wore those socks for over a week.

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    I had the feeling it was once a day.

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    i change my socks maybe once every 3 days. unless you work out you dont need to change them that often

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    Every day, more then that it just plain gross.

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    Everyday would be the healthy way to do it. But take my bro for example. We went snowboarding for a week and a half and he forgot socks so he had the same pair all week WHILE snowboarding with them on. Boy did his feet stink by the end lol.
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    every day after showering

    edit: more interesting question: how often should one change their trousers? :P
    i wear my jeans in intervals of roughly 6 months then wash and i use my other pair

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    its been so warm this spring/summer/fall that i dont think ive put on a pair of socks since like march, ive been wearing flip flops and sandals the whole time. that being said, i always wear a new pair of socks each day

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