This is my (way too) long recruiting post, but it really describes who we are and what we are planning for MoP. Please PM me via Guildlaunch or Battletag message me at Argothea#1792 if you are interested!

<Wicked> is an guild that was 8/8 HM in DS, and is recruiting both socials and raiders for MoP. Raiders who perform well will be eligible for weekday progression raid positions. Raids start at 7:30pm server time and run until 11pm CST on weekdays (midnight weekends). Check us out and apply at

The main classes we are looking for to trial in the weekend progression raid for permanent, full time weekday progression raid positions are:

(High Priority)
DPS Monk w/healing OS (only considering people with extensive Beta xp initially)

(Lower Priority)
DPS Warrior w/tank OS
Shadowpriest OR Mage

We are looking for raiders who excel at their class, are open to constructive criticism, take direction well, and who can attend 90%+ of our regularly scheduled progression raids. Progression raiders are expected to hold themselves to the highest standards of personal responsibility; you should be criticizing and critiquing yourself far more than the raid leader, in our opinion. We do not tolerate sexist, racist or homophobic comments or slang in out guild chat or vent. We only accept raiders who are 18+ in age. Our GM is a woman and she also leads our progression raids, so female raiders should feel confident in applying to a guild that respects and welcomes gender diversity.*

While scheduling for non-weekday raids is still in flux, we are talking about Friday nights being our second progression run, going from 8pm-midnight, and serving as a feeder group when openings happen in the weekday 3-night group.

We will consider any class and spec if you are interested in joining us to level, instance, and occasionally raid in one of our casual weekend raids. If you ask, our raiders are happy to offer advice and tips on how to play certain specs or classes, but as a casual, your time and interests are your own. We are expanding the casual aspects of our guild in MoP, and are open to organizing runs in old content, transmog farm runs, scenario groups, and anything else you might have an interest in as MoP unfolds. We just ask that if you do not see guild support for an activity that interests you, please bring your request to an officer so that we can work to provide guild involvement in the activities you enjoy.

Social/casual raids will be Saturday and Sunday nights (two separate runs as we get the people recruited/alts leveled), running from 8pm-midnight.

We have been a raiding guild since the middle of Burning Crusade and we are under the same leadership as when we were founded. Most founding members are now casual raiders, but we retain ties with all members who we enjoyed playing with, even if they are no longer able to commit to a progression raid schedule. Players who were previously hardcore but who have had to relax their play schedules due to family and careers tend to be very happy in our guild. We are working hard to build a casual raider base in order to provide reliable runs for our less hardcore members. The only requirements for casuals is that they treat others with respect, and maintain the integrity of our guild tag by extending that courtesy to those from other realms as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my long-winded post, and I hope that you will consider <Wicked> in MoP!

*Sorry to even have to state these things directly, but the number of women who tell me horror stories about some of their experiences is simply so high that I feel it may be beneficial to be up front about this aspect of the guild--both to encourage female applicants and to discourage men who do not play well with women.