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    [Feral] The art of a Kitten: PvE guide


    Most of the WA strings in the guide is out of date!

    5.4 Changes!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Set Bonus

    • Item - Druid T16 Feral 2P Bonus Omen of Clarity now also increases damage of Swipe.
    • Item - Druid T16 Feral 4P Bonus now regenerates 3 combo points (instead of 5) after rip, ferocious bite, and unglyphed savage roar.


    • Cyclone no longer has a 20-second cooldown for Feral Druids.
    • Rip damage increased by 20%
    • Predatory Swiftness no longer has a chance to make Cyclone instant, free, and castable in all forms.


    • Force of Nature: Treant summoned by the Feral version of this talent will now cast Entangling Roots and Rake instead of Bash.
    • REMOVED! Nature's Swiftness is no longer a talent, and is now an ability learned by Restoration and Balance Druids at level 30.
    • NEW! Ysera's Gift, a new talent healing the Druid for 5% of their maximum health every 5 seconds. If the Druid is at full health, it will heal the most injured friendly target nearby instead. This talent fills the spot vacated by Nature's Swiftness.
    • Dream of Cenarius Melee attacks increases the amount healed by Healing Touch by 20% (down from 25%). Casting Healing Touch increases the damage for the Druid's next two melee abilities by 30% (up from 25%) Also should no longer increase Force of Nature damage.
    • Mass Entanglement no longer has a limit on the number of targets that could be affected, up from 5
    • Nature's Vigil Now increases damage and healing by 12% (up from 10%)


    • Glyph of Ferocious Bite now causes Ferocious Bite to heal the Druid for 2% of their maximum health for each 10 Energy used (up from 1%)
    • Glyph of Skull Bash now increases the duration of Skull Bash's interrupt by 2 seconds, and increasing the cooldown by 5 seconds (down from a 4 second interrupt and 10 second increase to cooldown).
    • Glyph of Pounce now increases the range of Pounce by 8 yards (up from 3 yards).
    • NEW! Glyph of One With Nature: Grants the Druid the ability to teleport to a random natural location.


    We’re going to make another change to how RPPM mechanics work on the pull. Starting a raid encounter will set every RPPM proc’s “time since last proc” to 120 seconds(up from 90 seconds). That means the more frequent procs will still be more or less guaranteed to go off, but the rarer (and more powerful) procs will just have a high chance. This should hopefully chill things out a little bit, without changing how you play too dramatically. More on this here

    Trinket changes

    • Amplification nerfed to 7% at 553 (in case anyone was considering using a non-agi trinket).
    • Renataki's Soul Charm duration reduced to 10 seconds (stacking every 1 second); proc rate raised to 1.21 PPM.
    • Bad Juju duration reduced to 10 seconds; proc rate raised to 1.10 PPM.
    • Rune of Re-Origination proc rate is 1.1/(1.15^((528-ItemLevel)/15)) PPM.
    • Ticking Ebon Detonator duration reduced to 10 seconds (decrementing every .5 seconds); proc rate raised to 1.01 PPM.
    • Assurance of Consequence ICD raised to 115 seconds (from 105).
    • Haromm's Talisman (multistrike) proc rate is now 14.0% (at 553); agility proc was changed to RPPM with 0.92 PPM and a 10-second duration.
    • Sigil of Rampage (cleave) proc rate is now 3.11% (at 553); agility proc now has 15-second duration with 85-second ICD.
    • Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault ICD raised to 115 seconds (from 105).
    • Bottle of Infinite Stars ICD raised to 55 seconds (from 45).

    Blizzard posts/tweets

    @Ghostcrawler Ooooo goodie!! ... Wait... Does it include any Feral stuff? You know since we're totally confused about what's going on!
    No major new Feral changes in the blog. ATM we also think their damage in 5.4 is also fine. (link)

    To get a better perspective of Feral druid i recommend not just reading this guide i would also recommend taking a look at Pawket's Feral Dps Guide/FAQ (Click HERE) and Icy veins Feral Druid Wow Pve Dps Guide (Click HERE) and last but not least the video guide made by Tazmon and Everelia

    • 1 About Me
    • 2 Get your character ready!
    • 2.1 Talents
    • 2.2 Glyphs
    • 2.3 Stats, the caps and Attributes
    • 2.4 Gemming, Reforging ,Enchanting

    • 2.5 Professions
    • 2.6 What should you use to prepare for a raid?(Flasks Potions Food)
    • 2.7 List of gear in priority

    • 3.0 The battle!

    • 3.1 Abilities and Utilities
    • 3.2 Simplified normal rotation
    • 3.3 DoC rotation
    • 3.4 Heart of the Wild
    • 3.5 The opener
    • 3.6 Energy pooling

    • 3.7 AoE
    • 3.8 Mangle
    • 3.9 Rune of Re-Origination

    • 4 Addons & UI
    • 4.1 Weakauras to help with rotation

    • 5 Macros
    • 6 Boss guide (Not currently present)
    • 7 Links
    • 7.1 Feral Druid PoV Streams/Ytube channels
    • 8 Keybinding Guide specialized for Melee DPS.
    • 9 History!
    • 10 Q & A

    TIPS! While reading!!

    You can use the Ctrl+F (or if mac CMD+F) to search in the guide. Every header is marked with # and a number so it will be easy for you to find any specific section in the guide without having to scroll through it. Example: Ctrl+F and then Type #2 if you want to get to "Get your character ready! or #3.3 for DoC rotation :-) Or you can simply just type "Bleed cliping" or "Level 90 talents" or "Opener". And if you are bored you can type " -todo- " to see if I much a slack :-)

    My name is Etapic, was a casual raiding Feral druid, currently I'm on a brake from the game. I've not always played druid and I've not always raided. I think I've learned enough during my experience to write this guide for you and other ferals. Currently i do not raid the current content (SoO) but because i haven't quitted the game yet I haven't closed this guide, and i don't have plans do to so anytime soon.

    #2.1 Talents
    They are no talents just used to give ourselves luxuries and they are (almost) no longer cookiecutter.

    You receive 1 talent point every 15 levels. They either significantly enhance current abilities or give you entirely new ones.

    The tiers are as follows:

    LEVEL 15

    Feline swiftness:

    Displacer Beast

    Wild Charge:

    LEVEL 30

    Ysera's Gift


    Cenarion Ward

    LEVEL 45

    Faerie Swarm

    Mass Entanglement


    LEVEL 60

    Soul of the Forest


    Force of Nature

    LEVEL 75

    Disorienting Roar

    Ursol's Vortex

    Mighty Bash

    LEVEL 90

    Heart of the Wild

    Dream of Cenarius

    Nature’s Vigil

    What talent should you pick?

    LEVEL 15
    This is the movement tier, I think it is safe to say that all of these are god in their own way. Personally I'm in love with Displacer Beast because of the flexibility a blink ability can have and the sprint is just a bonus.
    I don't feel the need for Feline Swiftness because baseline Cat Form is generally quicker then normal classes anyways, I'm not saying it is bad because the extra 15% movement is really handly loads of times aswell. Wild Charge can both be used to charge friendly players(Human form), bosses, And outdoors you gain a semi blink/jump in travel form.

    LEVEL 30
    I don't think we need Renewal because we have a big trunk already, Barkskin, PS HT, Survival Instinct, Healthstone. Also i don't feel the need for another button. Aswell as Ysear's Gift is so simple and mathematically stronger then Renewal and CW. Where as Renewal generates 30% max HP over 180 seconds meanwhile it just takes Ysear's Gift 30 seconds to heal for the same ammout.

    LEVEL 45
    This tier is strongly dependant on if and when you need these and whice of them you need because all of them has their uses. Personally I advice for my raidleader when he needs any root, single slow or pushback effect. But being honest our ST slow with Faerie Swarm is quite terrible compared to others. And oftenly it's not tactical to root mobs because 1st they'll freely melee hit other players in their melee range if the tank is not in it 2ond it breakes from any type of damage. I oftenly just pick Typhoon because it is a fin spell to fuck around tanks with on trash etc and for me it has had more uses then the other two.

    LEVEL 60
    Force of Nature, Pros: Mathematticly the strongest 60 talent with RoR Cons: Gives us a whole new spell to manage with untop of everything else.

    Soul of the Forest: Pros: Really easy to use Cons: With to much hase (top tier gear with 1:1:1 reforging) it may turn out to be a energy problem with to much haste. The value of the talent depends if you use many finnishers or not, so quick target switching/AoE/Tab rake'ing devaules this talent.

    Incarnation: Ravage dosn't really deal enought damage for this talent to be considered, Now when FoN is buffed i don't even think this talent is superior when it comes to bursting even. This is more of a feral druids PvP/Questing choice.

    LEVEL 75
    This tier is similar to the level 45 tier, pick whatever.

    LEVEL 90
    Dream of Cenarius: Pros: Mathically the strongest "dps" talent. Cons: Needs the player to fully understand the mechanic, DoC Feral is the hardest if not among the hardest playstyles in the game currently.

    Heart of the Wild: Pros: Provides a "easier" playstyle, prefered for progression when you need to learn mechanics for example. Not to far behind dps vise from DoC. Also it gives us a utility boost with our famus "HotW Tranq" whice is really strong throughtput healing. Cons: Weaker then DoC in a DPS perspective.

    Nature's Vigil: ´Pros: Provides a good burst for gimmick mechanics, also rather easy to use. Buffed in 5.4, also provides healing! Cons: Generally with "worst" dps talent.

    #2.2 Glyphs

    #Major Glyphs

    Savagery Recommended



    Cat Form Recommended

    Survival Instincts

    Stampeding Roar

    I would say taking savagery and cat form is a good idea, the other two come down to personal preference. I will probably change them from encounter to encounter. Obviously shred is good for situations when you can't get behind your target. Savagery allows us to open with SR, while Cat Form gives our a healer a nicer time. Rebirth could be useful if resurrecting targets at 60% isn't enough. Stampeding roar will be good if you need to ensure that your whole raid gets the movement speed increase. Survival instincts is really down to the player and situation, but needless to say if you don't find yourself using SI often then don't use the glyph!

    #Minor Glyphs
    These don't really affect combat and are completely up to the player.

    #2.3 Stats
    Now lets talk stats - what you should be looking at and what you should be trying to avoid.

    Weapon Damage Per Second:
    The only thing that matters on weapons is the DPS statistic. The attack speed, top and bottom end damage on the weapon are all irrelevant as our paw and ability damage is only affected by weapon DPS.

    Gives us Attack Power and Critical hit chance.

    Gives less attack power than agility and does not give Crit so we shouldn't be looking at this stat, thus it shall be mentioned.

    Mastery Rating
    Increases the bleeding damage on Rake Rip and Thrash, It is our best stat currently since our bleeds have a really big part of our damage. When looking at tool tip the mastery in % is rounded but all points of mastery are increasing damage.

    Haste Rating
    Increases our paw hit speed and our energy regeneration. With our paw speed affected we get higher chance of Omen of Clarity procs. It also increases the cast time of Wrath during HotW. Added: Now in 5.2 change and RPPM procs it should be mentioned that haste will increase in value depending on how much RPPM procs you have. More info on how RPPM works click here

    Crit Rating
    Increases all our ability and paw chance to critically hit. Goes direct to all of your damage as well increasing the chances of Primal Fury procs which gives better combo point generation.

    Hit Rating
    Decreases your chance to miss the target. You need 7.5% hit chance to not miss raid bosses. This equates to 2550 hit rating.

    Expertise Rating
    This is the same as hit rating except it decreases the chance of your attacks being dodged and parried, not missing. The cap is 7.5% and requires 2550 rating, Hard cap expertise is nothing we really should be looking at but it requires 5100 expertise rating.


    The cap for hit and expertise as mentioned is 2550 rating. There is a crit rating cap but currently it doesn't seem like we will come close to reaching it so I will save us both the trouble of explaining it here. The only crit cap you should know about is Ravage on targets above 80% that you possibly could reach with a lot of crit rating and agility.

    #2.4 Gemming Enchanting and Reforging


    To utilize the best gem setup i would strongly recommend using Catus.

    Meta: Capacitive Primal Diamond Agile Primal Diamond If you don't have legendary meta this is the best meta gem.

    Yellow socket with good bonus. Adept Vermilion Onyx or maybe Crit/Agi or Haste/Agi if you have RoR

    Blue socket with good bonus. Perfect Glinting Roguestone

    Red sockets: 160 agility Delicate XXX (Rest of the gem name)


    To make the best reforging i would strongly recommend using Catus.

    RPPM Effects
    Important for 5.2 and forward! The more RPPM Effects you'll have e.i Legendary Meta Gem, New trinkets form 5.2, Dancing Steel enchant. The more haste we have the higer uptime we'll get with these effects, for the moment we do not have a rule that says when you have X effects you want to change crit with haste.

    #Hit and Expertise cap!
    Looking at simulations and their stat weights we need to consider that it runs the same test 25 000 times. We do get energy back when we miss a spell so just because the weights says Hit and Expertise is lower, you might as well have them as highest priority because you happened to miss 20/50/70/100% of all the attacks you made. But you might also have the value of Hit and Exp cap as 0 because you might have 0 misses without capping them. Generally I would recommend Hit and Exp caps even though stat weights may say otherwise. It provides a better quality of life for our rotation.


    To utilize the best enchanting setup i would strongly recommend using Catus.

    Shoulders: Great Tiger Claw Inscription
    (Inscription only) Secret Tiger Claw Inscription

    Superior Critical Strike
    (Tailoring only) Swordguard Embrodery.

    Chest: Glorious Stats

    Bracer:Wrist: Greater Agility
    (Blacksmithing only) Gives an additional socket in bracers.
    (Letherworking only) Fur Lining: 490 agility on bracers

    Weapons: Dancing SteelWind Song
    Dancing Steel ->Windsong.

    For HotW weapons (Using the effect to cast Wrath preferably equipping a caster weapon)

    Expertise/Mastery 170 each
    (Blacksmithing only) Extra socket
    (Engineering only) Synapse Springs 1940 agility boost on use 1 min CD
    Mastery Enchant->Strenght->Enchant Expertise Enchant (See stat priority and reforging)

    Living Steel Buckle, Extra gem slot

    Shadowlether Leg Armor or Letherworking only.

    Blurred Speed

    (Enchanting only) 160 agility on each ring

    #2.5 Profession

    Engineering and Tailoring stands out when it comes to professions, Engineering by a lot because of it's syncing with TF, Tailoring because of the proc which is quite awkward but dose line up with most oftenly every other TF.

    #2.6 What should you use to prepare for the raid?
    Best food is Sea Mist Rice Noodles
    Best flask is Flask of Spring Blossoms
    Best potion is Virmen's Bite

    #2.7 Gear list!


    These results are brought by Aggixx on, It's worth noting that when he made the results Hammo's trinket didn't have the hotfix to proc from effects such as Fury of Xuen, Capacitance and Stormlash, so when this changes are fairly significant for the trinkets value and makes it our best trinket for single target damage behind Rune of Re-Origination (549).

    Without Rune of Re-Origination
    Quote Originally Posted by Aggixx
    These sims are done with a full upgraded T16N profile with 4pT16, with no legendary items except for the meta gem. The second trinket used in the comparison is a 561 equivalent of Bottle of Infinite Stars.

    With Rune of Re-Origination
    Quote Originally Posted by Aggixx
    These sims are done with a full upgraded T16N profile with 4pT16, no legendary items except for the meta gem, and a 549 Rune of Re-Origination. While the results are fairly similar, they are somewhat different so I've included these results for the sake of completeness.

    Lower level trinkets

    #2.8 The Spellbook
    Ferocious Bite
    This is one of our 3 combo point consumer. It hits for a good amount. It will refresh rip when used on targets under 25% health so this is our sorta execute but we will be able to use it some times when the target is above 25% health.

    Growl(Bear Form)
    This is our taunt. If you need to kite a boss to reset stacks this can be very handy. Changed in 5.2: You will need to change to bear form manually.

    Bear Form
    This is our "tank" form right now we've lost a lot of luxury making us rather good off tanks because the tank spec is changed to its own tree.

    Tiger’s Fury
    This is one of our cooldowns, it has 30 second CD and increases our physical damage by 15% for 6 seconds as well as instantly regenerating 60 energy. During the 15% physical damage buff, spells that are preferred to use are Rip, Rake and Thrash and of course our fillers. With the Shred glyph you will be able to shred in front of your target.

    This spell doesn't need too much of an explanation. It resurrects your party members out of combat.

    Travel From
    Even though cat form is already fast. Shapeshifting to travel form to travel when you need to move is a really great idea. Remember you need to be outdoors to use it and with the Stag glyph you can carry a person on your back (get the Angler's raft and let hilarity commence).

    This is our "main" filler or combo point builder, call it whatever you want. You need to have a bleed effect on your target otherwise you do not benefit from the increased 20% damage shred deals to a bleeding target.

    Savage Roar
    With the glyph it can be used without having combo points on your target. This is increasing all your damage done…ALL of it so keep it up at all times and do not let it drop off.

    This is our second combo point consumer. It's a physical bleed effect that lasts for 16 seconds and it will be extended by 2 seconds each time you use Shred or Mangle or Ravage with a extended cap of 22 seconds. At least 1 out of 3 should be buffed with Tiger's Fury.

    This is our AoE spell. Before it was our only but now we have thrash as well. Always use thrash before swipe since swipe has the same effect as shred in that it gets a 20% damage boost on physically bleeding targets.

    Remove Corruption
    If you wanna be a “super” kitten and dispel Curse and Poison effects on a friendly target because for some reason our healers can’t be arsed or have a CD on their dispel.

    Healing Touch
    If you are not really updated you will probably think this is stupid for me to mention but with Dream of Cenarius talent we will use healing touches in our single target rotation thanks to Predatory Swiftness and Nature's Swiftness. They are instant and we won't leave our current form. Currently it is not worth "hard casting" it or I haven't yet seen logs of it proving a better benefit.

    Predatory Swiftness
    This buff is now worth to track in PvE since with Dream of Cenarius instant healing touches will be used in single target priority.

    Dash & Stampeding Roar
    Stampeding Roar gives an AoE short duration sprint to party memebers close to you and Dash is a personal sprint.

    Faerie Fire
    This now triggers the weakened armour effect on your target and needs to be refreshed roughly every 28 seconds.

    This is our second AoE ability it gives a bleed effect on all targets that are being hit and therefore you want to use it before Swipe.
    But it is worth using on single target on OoC procs because Rake is really cheap and it deals more damage than one free Shred would deal, however, this is nothing we would keep up. Only use it on OoC procs for single target.

    Primal Fury
    The tooltip tells pretty much everything. One thing worth a mention is that there tends to be a delay for your normal interface to react to the additional combo point and this might make you easily override combo points during berserk for example. Here is a good way to fix this better. The quoted post in between the = is from Aggixx
    If you're getting annoyed with the delay on Primal Fury that patch 5.0.x was nice enough to bring us and you already use or don't mind picking up the addon WeakAuras this is something you can try out. This WeakAura is essentially a combo point tracker, but it works a little different than most combo point trackers (including the Blizzard UI).

    Here's an example of what happens when you cast a Shred and that Shred crits and procs Primal Fury:

    1. Combo Point is added.
    2. Shred cast is successful.
    3. Shred does damage to your target.
    4. Small amount of time passes. This time can vary from shred to shred and can be particularly irritating when it takes a long time.
    5. Combo Point is added.
    6. Primal Fury is cast.

    A normal Combo Point tracker will, logically, update on steps 1 and 5. This WeakAura attempts to do it quicker and smoother by using steps 1 and 3 instead. Instead of waiting for Primal Fury to activate, it checks if your Shred crit and then shows you the combo point ahead of time.

    Here's a video I made quick against a training dummy so you can hopefully get an idea of the difference between a normal CP tracker (on the top) and the WeakAura (on the bottom):

    Don't mind the mediocre play, I'm tired. :|
    Edit: Since people have asked me a bunch of times about what addons I'm using in that video:
    On the left the big icon is Ovale using Leafkiller's script, on the buff/debuff icons on the top right as well as the energy bar on the bottom right are DroodFocus, the buff timers below the everything are a set of WeakAuras I made so I can see what procs I have up. In addition to that, the HUD is IceHUD and I use SBF for the auras for on the hud.

    I used the "DF Statusbar 3" skin that comes with DroodFocus (which is updated, woo!) to make the combo points look like they do in the video. If you don't have DroodFocus installed it will default to something else (probably ugly). The display is imported as a group so that it can be imported all at once, but if you want to customize it you should:
    • To change the skin or color of the display: Move the Control aura out of the group (click on the small left arrow next to "Feral CP Control") and then select the whole group (click on "Feral CP") and go to the Display tab. You may move the Control aura back in the group or leave it outside after you're done.
    • To move or resize the display: I'd highly recommend moving the display auras out of the group (click the small left arrows next to each aura, 1 through 5) and then create a new dynamic group and put them in that. This should allow you to set the spacing of each combo point easier instead of having to set each one's position individually.

    And here's the code to import the aura:

    Feel free to tweak the looks and such to your liking, of course. Hopefully someone gives this a shot!

    Enjoy *


    • Original
    • Revision 1: The internal combo point counter is now capped at 5 so that integration with Ovale works correctly (see below).
    • Revision 2: Checks that you're attacking your current target before adding Primal Fury combo points. Removed some old/redundant code.
    • Revision 3: Set load triggers so it doesn't load unless you're playing feral.
    • Revision 4 Code optimizations.
    • Revision 5 Fixed LUA error introduced in Revision 4.
    This is a stun that requires Stealth or Incarnation.

    Omen of Clarity
    The tooltip tells everything.

    Self-defensive on short cooldown USE IT.

    Awesome 3 minutes CD lasting 15 second and reduces the energy cost of all kitten abilities with 50%

    Be a super hero and save the day give your healer that 2k(on 85) mana.

    This ability requires stealth or Incarnation to be used it a slightly stronger than other combo point builders.

    Combat resurrection with a 10min CD.

    Survival Instincts
    Tooltip talks for itself. I will come up with good examples when I get into MoP fights. Generally if you over aggro or if the boss feels like starting "imma wipe over your raid phase"then this is where you use it.

    Skull Bash
    Interrupt or gap closer.

    Hibernate & Entangling Roots & Cyclone
    CCs, use them on assigned targets.

    Frenzied Regeneration
    To be honest this is rather useless now compared to the Cata version.

    Might of Ursoc
    Same as Survival Instinct but you won't be able to do damage because you need to stay in bear form and it does not reduce the damage you take but increases the health pool a.k.a increases the amount of damage you can take.

    Not the strongest heal right now but with HotW it is a great raid cooldown to help with healing.

    Mastery; Razor Claws
    This is really really baws for single target, enough said.

    This is a ghetto version of Shred except you can use it in front of targets and it deals less damage.

    If you are using HotW to be able to deal damage at range this will be the spell worth using since we don't have Sunfire or Starfire and Moonfire is arcane damage and we only have increased damage on nature spells.

    Hurricane With HotW this is our currently strongest AoE 3 targets or more.(Assuming a weapon swap to a casters weapon)

    Generally I'm using Hunters Rogues Warlocks Paladins Priests and tanks. Shattering Blow can be picked if really needed atm I'm not tempted because of the cast and the huge energy dump.

    Cheers wowhead for the picture!

    #3.1 Simplified non-DoC rotation
    Simplified damage priority:
    • Weakened Armour (If there is no one else applying it or assigned to apply it)
    • Use Tiger's Fury, Berserk, Force of Nature on CD and on use Trinkets and other effects such as Synapse Springs.
    • Keep Savage Roar up
    • Keep Rake up
    • Keep Rip up with Bloodletting, Blood in the Water or 5 CPs.
    • Thrash on OoC procs
    • Use Ferocious Bite if you can fit it in i.e. Rip is at 8 seconds or more and savage roar 6 seconds or more.
    • Use Shred as filler, Ravage if you have Incarnation up and Mangle if you can't Shred

    #3.2 Dream of Cenarius rotation


    • Check for Mark of the Wild
    • Cast a Healing Touch
    • (Optimal) Pop a Virmen's Bite
    • Savage Roar on 0 CPs

    Combat actions

    • Faerie Fire if not up on the target
    • Keep Savage Roar up.
    • Healing Touch if Predatory Swiftness is up and you have 4 combo points on your target
    • Healing Touch if Predatory Swiftness is up and you have 1.5 seconds left on the buff
    • Tiger's Fury only if energy is below 35 (So you won't energy cap)
    • Sync Berserk right after Tiger's Fury (it's worth waiting for TF)
    • Rip if it will be atleast 15% stronger (See bleed ratios)
    • Ferocious Bite if target is below 25% and Rip is up and below 3-4 seconds, no matter how many CPs you have.
    • Rake if it will be atleast 12% stronger (See bleed ratios)
    • Thrash if Omen of Clarity is up and Thrash is down or below 3-4 seconds
    • Virmen's Bite if DoC, TF and optimal agility procs are up. Target below 25% health and 5cps on the target followed by Rip.
    • Rip if at 5 combo points.
    • Shred to extend Rip if it's about to fade.
    • Ferocious Bite if at 5 CPs and Rip has 8 seconds or more duration.
    • Sync every other Rake with Tiger's Fury and preferably DoC.
    • Shred if OoC is up.
    • Thrash if Thrash(DoT) is down and 5CPs on your primary target.
    • Shred to build combo points.

    It is important to note that Thrash outside OoC procs is a DPS increase as long as you don't delay the uptime of Rip!

    #Force of Nature
    • You'r at or about to reach 3 charges.
    • The fight or phase is over in about 20 seconds.
    • You have a strong proc up.

    They scale from Haste Mastery Crit Agility/Attack Power. I'm pretty sure they do not scale from: Savage Roar, Tiger's Fury, Nature's Vigil. However i heard about a rumor that they do scale with DoC charges but dose not consume them!

    Hint: To max out the usage you'll want to utilize trinket procs. For example you have one trinket(A) on 15 seconds you have one (B) on 12 seconds and a weapon proc (C) on 10 seconds. If A (just as an example could have been B and C just as well) procs you'll want to hold it until the end of the proc for the chances of an other proc.

    #3.3 Heart of the Wild
    Important is to weapon swap. Agility procs really does wonders to Wrath & Hurricane's damage.
    Single Target: Wrath spam.
    AoE: Hurricane.
    The damage you do within HotW spaming Wrath is now rather balanced with the normal kitty rotation except with Heroism!

    #3.4 DoT mechanics
    When a dot is applied it snapshots all the current buffs, it won't be affected by buffs that are brought after the DoT is applied. Rip does not snapshot new buffs when we refresh it or extend it. If we get to our BitW phase try to stack up as many buffs possible to get a really strong Rip. Tiger's Fury, Trinket, Weapon procs and optimal, a potion would be the best scenario. When refreshing Rip with FB it does not snapshot new combo points either so if you refresh a 5CP applied Rip with a 3CP FB it will still be ticking as a 5CP Rip. And if you refresh a 3CP applied Rip with a 5CP FB it will still tick as a 3CP applied Rip.

    #3.5 The Opener


    #3.6 Energy Pooling
    Somethings that is very unique to the feral spec is that we can stop our rotation and wait a few seconds without really losing dps I'll explain... We are a melee class with melee mechanics working as a DoT caster using Energy and Combo Points as resourse, Because our DPS relies on our DoTs ticking our CDs being used as well as our filling damaging spells are being used to gain those nummbers as well as not caping energy. So that means if these things applies waiting is not a result in DPS drop probably a DPS gain.
    Energy is not capped
    • Debuffs are up
    • Buffs are not droping (e.i Predatory Strikes/Savage Roar but also Trinket Procs that could be abused for a stronger DoTs)
    • CDs are not delaying
    Now you understand that sometimes waiting a second or two is not going to drop your DPS you might wonder how the **** can it increases my dps?
    Manly because the tight timer of PS waiting before you use your finnisher @ 5th CP you will increase the chances of reaching a 5cp finnisher buffed with DoC, But also sometimes waiting abit and aim that your 5 CP Rip can be used with TF without standing on the 5th CP so long refreshing Thrash(Or something)

    #3.7 AoE

    2 targets: Keep Rake and Thrash up on both and Rip on one. If you're using Redirect or Soul Swap you could possibly be having double Rips going on.

    3 targets or more: If they are going to die very quickly use Swipe especially if your group has an AoE bleed effect already. If they are going to be alive for a long while, put up Thrash and keep it up as well and then keep Rake on the targets

    Rake: It's proven that Rake is worth keeping up in AoE rotation up to 8 targets with Thrash and Swipes as fillers. Though the adds need to be alive for a significant time so they die right when you had a Rake on them, then it would only result in a dps loss.

    #3.8 Mangle

    Shred and Mangle has the same weapon scaling but Shred has 20% extra damage on bleeding targets. Mangle costs 35 energy whereas Shred costs 40 energy. If you use shred you benefit with 5% more damage per energy spend. If you use mangle you win with 12.5% more energy.
    Shred vs Mangle: Mangle dose win with a very small number, The benefit for using Mangle is that you'll build the combo points faster and the rotation will feel slightly (If any difference at all) smoother. Thought the rule will be...
    * If you have 70+ Enegry Shred
    *If you have OoC up and thrash is up Shred it(If you where to use mangle)
    *If you have berserk up use Shred

    Othervise i personally won't use shred. It is really really equal and we won't realy prove prefromance vise whice is best becuase it is the matter of so low numers changing from time to time.

    #3.9 Rune of Re-origination

    This is a section specialized for Feral druid equipping the Rune of Re-Origination trinket.

    Stat priority

    Dream of Cenarus

    Heart of the Wild(Passive only)

    The secondary stats are included in this weights so you can have an idea of how they stack up relatively to other stats, not to each other. Due to the proc's very fickle nature the values of each stat can be very volatile when you adjust one without adjusting the others to compensate.

    The reforge priority that will yield the most DPS is to get the three secondaries as close together as possible while keeping mastery as your highest secondary (without the mastery raid buff)
    When Rune procs you want to switch to rake as a CP generator until you can't put up one that is at least as good as the one already on the target.
    For example, if you're playing DoC: Rune proc -> Rake -> PS is expiring so you HT -> Rake -> Rake -> Switch back to shred/mangle. This is because getting the strongest possible 15 seconds worth of Rake ticks outweighs the small amount of additional damage you get from the direct damage. The goal during the proc is to get a Rip up with a massive mastery bonus use Rake aslong as you won't nerf the bleed also Thrash can be a good use as long as it won't fuck up your chances to get a Rip.

    To help out with the awkward reforging priority i strongly recommend using Catus

    Thanks for Aggixx for sharing this information!

    There is also some addons that i want to highlight.

    It's not a bad idea as a starter to use Ovale script with Leafkiller's feral druid script which is in Nerien's Ovale script addon.
    Both can be found here and here

    ExtraCD, You can use this to track everything that will increase your damage: I track Potion, Trinket procs, Weapon Procs, Tailoring back enchant, Synapse Springs, Tricks of the Trade etc.

    DroodFocus: Helps you track alot if not all important things you need to track, I don't use this but comparing to WeakAura which i use it's really easy to set up.

    WeakAura Basically can help you track everything you want, There is loads of good videos on Youtube.

    Here is a example of how i've it setup.

    Two big bars to the right is Ovale.
    The faded action bars is Bartender.
    The gray is SuF and above that is my energy which is WeakAura as everything else exept the upper bar which is ExtraCD.
    As you can see procs on CD you get a red counter, Procs that have proced you get a golden glow effect around the icon and a green timer.

    And for those who is interested here is the whole UI image

    Here is my Weak Aura export


    dWdwraGEqu7sIu9AvsZKkI5IOYSrLBtvUPeHpJIVPuCyPSte2lz3uSFK0pLqddeXVL0ZuvgkIYGrIHJihuvLtdCmQQ  ZrfwOuLLQsSyLslxHhQQkpfAzi1ZP0eLiLPQKjROPlCrq4QseDzrxhvTrjyCGAZQy7sK8rqK6RGizAsLVlrnsQiDsQ  OgTk14vvvxcrv3cKUMs15Pspwv(RuvBdLw(AjSPLcHwH(LExPVP09HeHEcNcNAjKzull8IZqANUe2maVwKQNW)lEo2  mebuhFchjdOAwUKsHtxtZd8ygvEscDlEo2mubOWBO334VbMfgs8723H1bA3UqlP2lfHVVW8FsnZmNARWT1XmhfphBg  IGwiykS0YT8NJvyzWmUvbww2nDFWo((89399HeDG21j0W7TgagMCyfHVWTT3vMrL3mD2yZqeBeENaM7qf2ad7t7a2b  lTdF6UpADG2bl0MChYQati0jquyjKR2MAjCu5sTe6XZfaTuOqHcHpTeHVwcpvtGaiNIW)t4eyjX1CXO9UAfsEsc)V4  5yZqfGU35d)X6GL2b8(MDh06aTJvixTn1s4OYLAj0JNlaAPqHqEB2)v922c1tHq3INJndvaA3(o7hm9MpywywFwyDG  21jmgagMCOLWAztrdNR6j008sRwIWxi2kvJjPs5sTnui8XBJQx)BWmfgaVCQqiykKillSmyg3IGgw4PAcH)EpWmnrJ  JkfYgPfmtZZvOH3Bnamm5WkcFH3jG5oebnSWrYaQMLlPui4vncTr7D1swfycH)bbXcIlkebTwcpvtGaiNIW)t4eyjX  1CXO9UAfs(NW)lEo2mubO7D(WFSoyPDaVVz3bToq7yfAJ27QLSkWec)dcIfexeosgq1SCjLcbVQrOBXZXMHkaTBFN9  dMEZhmlmRplSoq76eA49wdadtoSIWx4mTTGF0Iu9egdadto0syTSPOHZv9eAAEPvlr4leBLQXKuPCP2gkecmLkh2u9  e(4Tr1R)nyMcdGxoviSmyg3IGgwiykKiltLYNWt1ec)9EGzAIghvkKnslyMMNRW7eWChIGgw4eyjX1CD(vncD2e540  Ej5C(vnwY9BlGdeU9lTbpy2hVcmRmJBHC12ulHJkxQLqpEUaOLcfc5Tz)x1BBlupfkeXNwcpvtGaiNIW)t4eyjX1CX  O9UAfsEsc)V45yZqfGU35d)X6GL2b8(MDh06aTJvOnAVRwYQati8piiwqCr4izavZYLuke8QgHgEV1aWWKdRi8fcMc  jYYuPqlmgagMCOLWAztrdNR6j008sRwIWx4L21uHWhVnQE9VbZuya8YPqEdiegTbtgcN5w(Zz5skf60FxkrHs6efcl  dMXTiOHfEQMq4V3dmtt04OsHSrAbZ08CfENaM7qe0WcDlEo2mubOD77SFW0B(GzHz9zH1bAxNqUABQLWrLl1sOhpxa  0sHcH82S)R6TTfQNcfIOtlHNQjqaKtr4)jCcSK4AUy0ExTcj)tixTn1s4OYLAj0JNlaAPqHqEB2)v922c1tHq3INJn  dvaA3(o7hm9MpywywFwyDG21jCKmGQz5skfcEvJW)lEo2mubO7D(WFSoyPDaVVz3bToq7yfcMcjYYuPqtLYNWyayyY  HwcRLnfnCUQNqtZlTAjcFHxAxtfcbMsLdBQEcN5w(Zz5skf60FxkrHs6eH8gqimAdMme(4Tr1R)nyMcdGxoviCM2wW  pArQEcldMXTiOHfEQMq4V3dmtt04OsHSrAbZ08CfA49wdadtoSIWx4DcyUdrqdlCcSK4AUo)QgHoBICCAVKCo)Qgl5  (TfWbc3(L2Ghm7xAaB6TTwo5eAJ27QLSkWec)dcIfexuiIDTeEQMabqofH)NWjWsIR5Ir7D1kK8Ke(FXZXMHkaDVZh  (J1blTd49n7oO1bAhRqUABQLWrLl1sOhpxa0sHcH82S)R6TTfQNcHJKbunlxsPqWRAegdadto0syTSPOHZv9eYBaHW  OnyYq4m3YFolxsPqN(7sjkusNi008sRwIWx4fajfcF82O61)gmtHbWlNkecMcjYYuPqtLcTWYGzClcAyHNQje(79aZ  0enoQuiBKwWmnpxHgEV1aWWKdRi8fENaM7qe0WcDlEo2mubOD77SFW0B(GzHz9zH1bAxNqB0ExTKvbMq4FqqSG4Icr  WQLWt1eiaYPi8)eobwsCnxmAVRwHK)jCKmGQz5skfcEvJqB0ExTKvbMq4FqqSG4Iq3INJndvaA3(o7hm9MpywywFwy  DG21j8)INJndva6ENp8hRdwAhW7B2DqRd0owHgEV1aWWKdRi8f24JQ2kemfsKLPsHMkfAQu(eotBl4hTivpHLbZ4we  0WcJbGHjhAjSw2u0W5QEc5nGqy0gmzieykvoSP6j8XBJQx)BWmfgaVCk008sRwIWx4fajfcN5w(Zz5skf60FxkrHs6  efcpvti837bMPjACuPq2iTGzAEUcVtaZDicAyHtGLexZ15x1i0ztKJt7LKZ5x1yj3VTaoq42hsFx55kmsdKDfYvBtT  eoQCPwc945cGwkuiK3M9FvVTTq9uOqeB0s4PAcea5ue(FcNaljUMlgT3vRqYts4)fphBgQa09oF4pwhS0oG33S7Gwh  ODScTr7D1swfycH)bbXcIlcDlEo2mubOD77SFW0B(GzHz9zH1bAxNqdV3AayyYHve(cbtHezzQuOPsHMkfAHXaWWKd  TewlBkA4CvpHMMxA1se(cx3JM9wHWhVnQE9VbZuya8YPqEdiegTbtgcN5w(Zz5skf60FxkrHs6efcldMXTiOHfEQMq  4V3dmtt04OsHSrAbZ08CfENaM7qe0WchjdOAwUKsHGx1iKR2MAjCu5sTe6XZfaTuOqiVn7)QEBBH6PqHiG1s4PAcea  5ue(FcNaljUMlgT3vRqY)eYvBtTeoQCPwc945cGwkuiK3M9FvVTTq9ui0T45yZqfG2TVZ(btV5dMfM1NfwhODDchjd  OAwUKsHGx1i8)INJndva6ENp8hRdwAhW7B2DqRd0owHZ02c(rls1tiykKiltLcnvk0uPqtLYNWYGzClcAyHXaWWKdT  ewlBkA4CvpHMMxA1se(cx3JM9wHqGPu5WMQNWzUL)CwUKsHo93LsuOKoriVbecJ2GjdHpEBu96FdMPWa4Ltfcpvti8  37bMPjACuPq2iTGzAEUcn8ERbGHjhwr4l8obm3HiOHfobwsCnxNFvJqNjwqCPWV)GGCo)xrcKCwsjhx)5Ghm7h3JM9  wOnAVRwYQati8piiwqCrHiCOLWt1eiaYPi8)eobwsCnxmAVRwHKNKW)lEo2mubO7D(WFSoyPDaVVz3bToq7yfYvBtT  eoQCPwc945cGwkuiK3M9FvVTTq9ui0T45yZqfG2TVZ(btV5dMfM1NfwhODDchjdOAwUKsHGx1imgagMCOLWzUL)CwU  KsHo93LsuOKorOP5LwTeHVqiv2UMMCsLYVHxDOq4J3gvV(3GzkmaE5uiVbecJ2GjdfcbtHezzQuOPsHMkfAQuOfwgm  JBrqdl8unHWFVhyMMOXrLczJ0cMP55k0W7TgagMCyfHVW7eWChIGgwOnAVRwYQati8piiwqCrHi8HeTeEQMabqofH)  NWjWsIR5Ir7D1kK8pHJKbunlxsPqWRAe(FXZXMHkaDVZh(J1blTd49n7oO1bAhRqB0ExTKvbMq4FqqSG4Iq3INJndv  aA3(o7hm9MpywywFwyDG21j0W7TgagMCyfHVWYGzClcAyHXaWWKdTeYBaHWOnyYqiWuQCyt1t4J3gvV(3GzkmaE5uO  P5LwTeHVqiv2UMMCsLYVHxDOq4m3YFolxsPqN(7sjkusNOq4mTTGF0Iu9ecMcjYYuPqtLcnvk0uPqtLcTWt1ec)9EG  zAIghvkKnslyMMNRW7eWChIGgw4eyjX1CD(vncD2e540Ej5C(vnwY9BlGdeU9HuTXauh9rEZmhc5QTPwchvUulHE8C  bqlfkeYBZ(VQ32wOEkuOqyPeHFhKajkKaa
    Bleeds snaphot

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    Combo Points

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    Extra shit

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    #showtooltip Rebirth
    /cast [@mouseover] Rebrith

    #showtooltip Healing Touch
    /cast [@mouseover] Healing Touch

    For HotW use:
    #Showtooltip Heart of the Wild
    /use 10
    /use Virmen's Bite
    /cast Heart of the Wild
    /cast Wrath

    #showtooltip Cat Form
    /cast Cat Form

    Quote Originally Posted by Crass1096 View Post
    /cast [stance:1] !Bear Form
    /cast [stance:2] !Aquatic Form
    /cast [stance:3] !Cat Form
    /cast [stance:4] !Travel Form
    /cast [stance:5] !Moonkin Form

    Removes any slows/roots by instantly re-shifting into your current form (no gcd yay)
    Quote Originally Posted by Notamonk View Post
    What macros would you feral druids recommend? Currently the only macros I'm using are as follows:

    #showtooltip Shred

    /cast [stealth] Ravage
    /cast [nostealth] Ravage!
    /cast [nostealth] Shred

    What this macro does is cast Ravage while stealthed, Ravage while Incarnation is active, and Shred while not in incarnation or stealthed.


    /cast [nostealth] Rake
    /cast [stealth] Pounce

    This macro casts rakes while not stealth and pounce while stealthed. Its nice to be able to double tap 1 button and get 2 bleeds almost instantaneously.


    /cast Nature's Swiftness
    /cast Healing Touch

    Casts instant healing touch. Have to double tap this though which can be rather annoying sometimes.

    That's basically it so far. Any other recommendations on other macros? Still leveling this druid; hes currently level 61 so no real need for focus macros or anything along those lines atm.

    Edit: Forgot to mention my "burst" macro


    /cast Incarnation
    /cast Berserk
    Quote Originally Posted by babuka View Post
    /cast Nature's Swiftness
    /console autounshift 0
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Healing Touch; Healing Touch
    /console autounshift 1

    You're welcome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blencathra View Post
    You want to use help in that macro instead of exists. Otherwise if you mouseover something hostile it'll try to heal it. You can also make it resurrect dead people too:

    /cast Nature's Swiftness
    /console autounshift 0
    /cast [target=mouseover,help] Healing Touch; [target=mouseover,dead] Rebirth; Healing Touch
    /console autounshift 1

    Here's my burst macro. Useful in kitty spec for dps, and tank spec for not dying. Lifeblood line is only for herbalists, obviously.

    /cast Incarnation
    /cast Nature's Vigil
    /cast [spec:2] Virmen's Bite; [spec:1] Potion of the Mountains
    /cast Lifeblood

    Here's a macro for use with Dream of Cenarius spec. Press when you have Predatory Swiftness procced. Heals friendly mouseover target if you have one, otherwise it heals whatever your target is targeting (i.e. the tank), and if no mouseover or target of target, it follows normal spell targeting rules. Fails if the tank is out of range, unfortunately, but I don't think that's fixable in a macro.

    /console autounshift 0
    /cast [target=mouseover,help][target=targettarget,help][] Healing Touch
    /console autounshift 1

    Aggixx explanation to not get owned by Primal Fury.

    List of 2 well know and good addon webpages.

    MMO's kitty "Fix my DPS thread/Fix my dps gear/WoL analysis/feedback" thread

    Edgy's cat simulator STRONGLY RECOMMENDED awesome tool for reforging especially with RoR.

    If you are a Guardian main spec?

    #7.1 Feral Druid PoVs Streams/Ytube channels


    Youtube channels: Paloro's Youtube channel showcasing Heroic and Normal content
    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSnake View Post
    Not sure if it qualifies since my movies usually have multiple PoVs in them. But I have one playlist per tier going back to Tier 11.

    Before you start here you need to know that.
    • This might not be optimal for you
    • This is still my personal preference and experience regarding being a melee
    • This will favour being a melee dps performing a rotation without having impact on your movement

    Firstly you need to ask yourself if you're comfortable with your keybinds?
    Are you clicking spells?
    Do you have everything you frequently use and/or could use?

    First if you have been playing for 7 years and still use the same keybinds does that mean they are the most optimal? No, just because you're used to them and have been mashing a few keyboards in your days does not mean this is the "best" way of doing it.
    Before you read any further in this section if you know you are a clicker and will go back don't waste your time reading this part.

    Most important thing is that you can play comfortably.
    Firstly I am probably not the first one to mention, if I am then I am glad.
    WASD is not FOR THE WIN. ESDF should be used for movement because all of a sudden Z A W turned into great keybinds and Q remains decent.
    If you can't reach Shift and Alt as good as before. You should be using your modifiers on your mouse! I don't tell you to go and buy a 17 button MMO mouse like Razor Naga but you should at least have a mouse with buttons for your thumb, or atleast it will make your life easier!

    Now you will use ESDF for movement (hopefully) . What about the rest?

    Arguably best bind would be on your mouse BUT I am using a razor naga myself I do not recommend using to many because, 10 11 12 for me is shity to use often. On that mouse the behinds behind the scroll is WONDERFUL I mean what are your Middle Finger doing more then chilling on your scroll wheel?

    Good keybinds are: A, Z, < or >, whatever you call that button, and space. Yes space is a perfect button for frequent used abilities. Yes your room mates might hate you if you are spamming space but it is good. Now what about jump? D is a perfect jump key, it will feel weird but get used to it! And you should not be using D for something anyways…right? Also scroll wheel back front left right like whatever your mouse allows you to.

    Decent keybinds

    And bad but usable keybinds


    Now what do I bind on good, decent, bad but usable keybinds?

    Good: Spells that are often used and would hurt to missclick, like Time Wrap on G and often used spells on F, not a good idea is it? These spells are rotational abilities BUT also WTF buttons for example; Healthstone, Survival Instincts, Vanish, Ice Block. These binds are good because you will not be leaving ESDF, that are used for movement and jumping.

    Decent: Here you will need to move fingers away from your movement. These binds should be spells that need to be used quickly and with a 5-20 second CD. Examples being Interrupt, Wild Growth, Swiftmend, Mind Blast, Finishers and AoE. Another suggestion might be the special action button for fights like Will of the Emperor.

    Bad but usable: Everything that is used in combat but can be planned long before you will use them.

    The most important thing to know is that it will feel weird for a while, If you understand the logic behind the keybinding i recommend it will be easier then if you don't. Infact if you don't understand the reasoning i wouldn't recommend to switch keybinds.

    16/9-2013: More updates for 5.4
    12/9-2013: First wave of 5.4 updates.
    16/6-2013: Cleaning up and looking into graphic update!
    24/4-2013: Adding boss guide and general clean up.
    20/1-2013: Update added front change
    15/12-2012: Took away old misleading information about HotW general update.
    7/12-2012: Added link
    30/11-2012: General tweaking
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    16/9-2012: Corrected Hit and Expertise rating and % as well as fixing some of the spelling errors.
    15/9-2012: Guide published and will be changed a few times during the coming days.
    13/9-2012: Guide written.

    If you have a question ASK IT, if you have an answer ANSWER it I will quote it and link it here this dose not mean I won’t answer on questions.

    I've cleaned this part up and i will make it shorter and easier to read! Will publish a shorter and easier to read verision soon!

    Best wishes of good luck by me, hope you found my guide useful ALWAYS open for criticism to make it as good as possible!
    Credit should go to Aggixx and a few more for theorycrafting from Fluiddruid... And special thanks to Tazmon who have edited the guide from my dreadful grammar. And Mountandpetlover for making the headlines and the banners
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    Just a minor note, we only need 7.5 Hit (not 8%). So having both 7.5 hit and 7.5 exp means our attacks should not be missed and/or dodged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeralSynapse View Post
    Just a minor note, we only need 7.5 Hit (not 8%). So having both 7.5 hit and 7.5 exp means our attacks should not be missed and/or dodged.
    Fixed and added how much rating you'll need for each stat to cap it :-)
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    I think Feral was reffering to the reforging part of the guide.

    Mastery->Hit to cap(8%)->Expertise to cap(7.5%)->Crit->Haste. The 8 should be 7.5

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    Nice to see someone trying to pick up the Feral guide.
    I don't have time to check the whole guide atm, although I definitely will sooner or later, but there's a couple of things at the start you might want to fix:
    Title - both "an"'s should be "a"'s. I'm not gonna "whine" any more about grammar per se as I see you don't live in an English speaking country and everyone makes mistakes anyway, but the title is basically the most important part for getting people to read a topic and there's also a couple of names you might want to fix:
    Quote Originally Posted by Etapicx View Post
    • Savage Roar back to WolK style
    • Trash is kitty spec now and is atm used in single target rotation as well as AoE
    • Fearie Fire is now applying sudden armol effect and are climbing the top priority to keep up if someone else aren’t assigned to keep it up.
    Faerie Fire, Sunder Armor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emenius View Post
    I think Feral was reffering to the reforging part of the guide.

    Mastery->Hit to cap(8%)->Expertise to cap(7.5%)->Crit->Haste. The 8 should be 7.5
    Corrected, i did only change

    There is Hit(2550 rating) and Expertise (2550 rating) caps as mentioned above but there is also a Crit cap currently it doesn’t seem like we will be close this cap so I won’t get deep into the explanation.
    Hit Rating
    Decreases our chance to miss you need 7.5% Hit chance to not miss a boss, This stat is more favoured now then it was in cataclysm.
    Quote Originally Posted by Obblivion View Post
    Nice to see someone trying to pick up the Feral guide.
    I don't have time to check the whole guide atm, although I definitely will sooner or later, but there's a couple of things at the start you might want to fix:
    Title - both "an"'s should be "a"'s. I'm not gonna "whine" any more about grammar per se as I see you don't live in an English speaking country and everyone makes mistakes anyway, but the title is basically the most important part for getting people to read a topic and there's also a couple of names you might want to fix:

    Faerie Fire, Sunder Armor
    Fixed, Sadly when you mentioned the title (That i can't change) it feels so stupid lol.
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    You could probly get a mod to change it.(maybe) I like the title.

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    Realy good job u did here TU ^^

  9. #9
    The many spelling errors makes you lose your credibility in my eyes.

  10. #10
    Quote Originally Posted by Mikael123 View Post
    The many spelling errors makes you lose your credibility in my eyes.
    That is why i said
    will be changed a few times during the coming days.
    Because It will be easier for me to see these spelling errors when the guide is published as well as not only from my eyes since i am not a native english speaker as you might realize, all sort of feedback are welcome.
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    I read the topic title and expected to see beautiful fan art of a Feral was I disappointed

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    Fine guide, few things here and there, but else great.

    I just wanna add that Incarnation talent is really great burst. Currently with highere Ilvl gear, you can get up to 800k damage done with ravage during thoes 30 sec's.

    And that entangelement kinda blows cause of the 2 mins CD's, compared to 30 sec's of knockback. Sadly not all talents good.
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    I did mention Incarnation to be a good burst talent but however Shred vs Ravage is not a huge diffrence and both SofT extra energy and the damage from FoN is currently simulating better.
    However Incarnation is great on phases that increases the damage the boss take because we have pretty good burst with it. Like Zon'Ozz Hagara and Magmaw.
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    So bad worst tree wannabe cat ever, now get back to healing so I don't have to!

    Also great just want I always wanted rej back after I re-roll lock to avoid being a tree No giving me it.

    Guide not bad.
    Vote Pengu for president!
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    I didn't even read OP's post but:

    "The art of an kitten."

    Truely epic OP.

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    Hmm i like how much work you put into making it. However i do not feel this guide is really good, we have a feral kitten in our guild with a lot of top20 ranks in WoL when content was current and he contradicts some talents choices etc in this guide.

    Still it is great for someone to put in time to help others, but i would test and look a bit further if you really want to "perfect" it.

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    Can't understand your logic in keybinds, maybe our hand sit differently on a keyboard. Other than that nice guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shags the penguin View Post
    So bad worst tree wannabe cat ever, now get back to healing so I don't have to!

    Also great just want I always wanted rej back after I re-roll lock to avoid being a tree No giving me it.

    Guide not bad.
    Penguins for healing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kakazam View Post
    Can't understand your logic in keybinds, maybe our hand sit differently on a keyboard. Other than that nice guide.
    The logic behind my keybind guide is that.

    The abilities you constantly use should not impact you movement when you play, Decent keybind are impacting your movement witch is important as an melee but i recommend in my guide to use abilities that isn't used to often in case of a feral it would be. Finnishers like: Savage Roar, FB, Rip but also AoE and short CDs like Tiger's Fury

    Quote Originally Posted by Despite View Post
    contradicts some talents choices etc in this guide.
    I do only recommend talents in this guide, I've not been beta testing to encounter the new raid encounters the only talents that i've based on fact is the level 60 tier witch is easely proven on simulation.

    And level 90 talents

    Feedback is always nice thought :P
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    o_o Shift is an amazing keybind. I've never met a hardcore raider who doesn't use shift. I'd also never recommend changing your space bar. W-forward, A and D strafe, unbind any other movement keys, everything else should be free reign.

    I'm a tiny chick and I have matching hands and I keybind all over the place. I wouldn't be able to live without shift though.

    I'm a pally now and haven't even looked at ferals so I'll poke Mihir to check this over and sticky it for you. =] I can also change the title to anything you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrar View Post
    o_o Shift is an amazing keybind. I've never met a hardcore raider who doesn't use shift. I'd also never recommend changing your space bar. W-forward, A and D strafe, unbind any other movement keys, everything else should be free reign.

    I'm a tiny chick and I have matching hands and I keybind all over the place. I wouldn't be able to live without shift though.

    I'm a pally now and haven't even looked at ferals so I'll poke Mihir to check this over and sticky it for you. =] I can also change the title to anything you want.
    The pic is wrong right now since as i mentioned belove the link to it CTRL and Shift should be painted Red as they are modifier keys, However using Mouse modifiers allows you to keep your picky around Z < A to use them as your main abilities the best win with using your picky for main abilities instead of modifiers is that you won't need to move your fingers from ESF and therefor you won't impact your movement witch is really important as a melee.

    If you have a small hand indeed WAD is better then ESF but from alot of PvP experience as a hunter S(Or in my case D) is a better jump key then Space... Space is same as your Z > A binds when you use them it won't impact your movement and Space is a good for rotational ability's and as a WTF button. Backpacking is designed for tanks and imo only acceptable for tanks.
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