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    Duckface pictures HOT or NOT

    Well girls often take pictures like with their lips pouting, do you find it sexy or do you find it silly!
    These are random pics from google btw. some guys also participate in this "trend"
    So what do you think! do you do it? as a girl or as a guy, and whats your opinion about it

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    First girl looks quite hot - but she looks quite young so without knowing how old she is I feel a bit weird for saying that. Other than that though, duckface is ridiculous.

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    i find it kind of stupid, its quite common with the scene girls though

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    Low res, too much photoshop and not sexy at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    i find it kind of stupid, its quite common with the scene girls though

    I agree completely, I'm sure it's a rip off of a girl going down on a guy and her setting there, with a duck face and getting blasted.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
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    Yeah, you're trying to satisfy players who doesn't even enjoy playing RPGs, and thus you're alienating those who do.

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    Hmm, it doesn't make them look hotter, most of the times they'll look uglier because of it. I'd prefer a normal picture.
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    It's horrible when a girl does a duckface, a guy too. I'd rather watch them with a big smile them with a duckface... You don't want to be ducks now do you ladies???

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    It looks stupid as hell
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    "Duckface" isn't a new trend, however, it has been made much more apparent by the ease of photo-sharing technology. Making sure you look sexy and photogenic is not exclusive to women as you stated but, it is a bit narcissistic. We are all narcissists though so, I don't fault anybody for falling into this mode. As far as hot or not. That is subjective. I prefer to call it "pastaface" though. Much more enjoyable image to me.
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    I want to punch someone in the mouth whenever I see a duckface.

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    You serious?

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    Have never given it much thought tbh, I would scratch my head if I saw a grown up doing it because I do think it looks a bit silly, but teenagers are teenagers, there are many things with them that I find ridiculous. I fear for the future of my country when I walk past the nearby jr high school and see the girls/boys, it's a bloody freakshow.
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    I'm gay so i wouldn't really know, but if someone forced me to take a pick, i'd say it looks horrible compared to normal.

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    Just because a chick takes a 'duckface' picture doesn't mean that I would find that person any less 'Hot'. If a chick is Hot, then doing that doesn't magically make her not hot.

    But I do think it is extremely ridiculous and makes girls look stupid in photos. Why can't they just smile? But I guess the problem is you never know the context, alot of Girls also do the duckface just as a joke, but of course unless they add some sarcastic tag to the photo you wouldn't know, but the people around them at the time do.

    I generally find that if they take photos in their room/bathroom etc and they're completely on their own, then they must be doing it because they actually think the face looks good, or they have to do it because it's the 'Trend'. Then you know they're truly retarded.

    If all the Girls (And Paulie or whatever his name is) were all just normally smiling in those photos, they would all look way better. But with the exception of the last 2 photos, they're still quite Attractive (imo).

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    Just looks dim to be honest, halfway between them wanting to cry cos they got an owie and that phoney air kissing crap, I mean what's wrong with a smile?!?
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    smile > duckface

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    NOT!!!! Anytime I see that face I must fight the urge to slap a ho.
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    Rather see a nice smile.
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    How can one possibly find this hot? It's ridiculous.
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