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    Quote Originally Posted by Duilliath View Post
    I guess this pretty much embodies my stance on said topic:

    Well, actually, there's a second one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrr View Post

    Lip bites on the other hand...

    Yes, but is there anything Marion Cotillard does that isn't instantly classy because she's the one doing it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    Yes, but is there anything Marion Cotillard does that isn't instantly classy because she's the one doing it?
    Probably not :P

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    Smile is hot

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    how it that "hot" in the slightest?

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    Stupid, it looks absolutely stupid to me. Nothing screams moron like a facial expression that has become a meme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingercrab View Post
    how it that "hot" in the slightest?
    Pouting to make the cheekbones appear with definition, and higher.

    It's the face-equivalent to taking a downward angle photo under bathroom lights in order to hide fat.

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    Does it make a woman ugly? No more than a haircut would. Sure it is an automatic -20 on my attractive meter just because they look like a tool when they do it.

    Well I suppose it also depends on how often they do it. If it is something they do rarely as a form of mocking things like Jersey Shore and the like then I guess I would ignore it.

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    Depends on the gal.. But no matter what, she'd look much hotter without the duckface :P

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    Sigh ... what happened to "smile" ?

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    They are grotesque.

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    I have to agree with the general consensus that it makes whoever does it look extremely stupid. Good old fashion smiles are where it's at.

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    Aren't they just trying to make their lips look bigger, in an attempt to look more attractive?

    It's looks just ruined the picture.
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    The collected botox from the pictures in this thread would sink the titanic.

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    Its pretty stupid to me, rather just a normal smile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faesroll View Post
    Rather see a nice smile.
    Hell, I'd even take an arrogant smirk over a duck face.

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    Too many pretty girls ruin pictures of themselves with this silly facial expression.
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    The pictures in this thread need more face hatcheting.

    That is all.

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    absolutely love it
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