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    Got sad at the end of the night, called my ex-BF (now BF again), then "spent" the night together. Since it happened more than once, I am sensing a pattern...

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    one time I was so drunk I slept on top of a freezer inside a bar. another time I was so drunk I convinced an indian guy who was selling flowers (I had no money) to give to a girl I had a crush while we were in a disco, I got slapped on the face, twice.

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    Was in a sad mood one time, started drinking aswell. Ended up with first going to a drunk tank to sober up and then the psychiatric ward and I got to pay fines for endangering others. Almost made a car crash due to running out in the road when police tried to get me into their vehicle. Time spent in drunk tank was me just yelling I was sorry and crying. :<
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    I don't really do stupid things when I'm drunk (or wasted, for that matter). I know my limit, and the influence alcohol has on me. But there was a time when this wasn't the case, namely the first time I got drunk. Surely everyone beats me here in crazy stuff under influence (though I've done some rather crazy stuff when sober), but keep in mind I was an introvert mama's boy at the time, who never did anything that would be classified as rude, even by early 19th century standard.

    There was this six-pack of paper (for bottles) that I put on my head, like a crown, and I had an object in my hand, I think it was a one handed broom, acting like my scepter. I just marched around like some pompous royalty flashing my presence for the peasants. Whenever I had to go to the bathroom, I declared it with a booming voice in every room (even if there was no one there) as to be sure that everyone was made aware. We decided later to take a walk in the night, and it was the first time I ever peed on a tree in a public place (it was literally a meter from the road). It was amazing. Looking back, and if I have to compare, it was much better than the first time I had sex. It was awesome. I felt so alive.

    Nowadays I don't do uncharacteristic stuff anymore, except maybe doing or saying something I don't have the balls to when I'm sober. But never something where I blame the alcohol afterwards to save face. That would be irresponsible, with a touch of cowardice.
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    got drunk in taipei

    woke up with 3 japanese girls


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    Nice stories, keep 'em coming!

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    Not really me but my friends....

    At my 21 birthday I got alot of alcohol for me and my friends. Needless to say we got wasted went downtown and had even more and got even more wasted, downtown I met up with an girl that I knew my entire life, dunno know why and how but we started kissing so she said she wanted to spent the night over... im like fuck yeah! So she went home with me to my parents house(where i lived back then) but my friend also slept there. Walking home things heated up quickly and I knew where this was going. Walking back I convinced my friend to sleep in my littly steph brothers room So we could do our thing.

    Kissing in bed we didnt watch the door, my friend walked in put his shoes off fell on the bed and fell asleep.... the bastard didnt wake up.... and cock blocked me so hard then :P

    Afterwards we could laught but I never had the chance to get with her again since a week later she had a bf and is married now

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