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    Do you think their setting the doctor up to become the valeyard?

    please note i havent watched a town called mercy yet so please no spoilers for that episode

    okay so ive noticed that throughout the end of tennant and throughout matt smiths run the doctor has consistently gotten darker and angrier and more bitter and as we know the valeyard is either the doctors 12th or 13th regeneration or something that basically came out of him during one of those regenerations either way hes basically everything dark inside the doctor made manifest. i also remember either it was moffat or one of the other writers who when asked "when the doctor gets to his 12th regeneration will it involve the valeyard in someway?" moffat said "its possible"

    we know that matt smith is staying till ATLEAST the end of 2014 and is signed on for 2 more series including this one theres no series in 2013 so this series plus the 50th anniversary specials and then series 8 in 2014. i personally believe he will stay for atleast another series after that but time will tell.

    my basis for this is that basically the silence want to kill the doctor because they think he will destroy the universe, now what if its not the doctor who will destroy the universe but the valeyard? we know that the question is what triggers it but lets be honest we still have no idea what that means exactly maybe the question somehow triggers the valeyard to manifest somehow or whatever happens after the question is answered is so brutal and destructive to the doctors personality that it brings out the valeyard.

    now weve seen throughout the past few series the doctor get angrier and in dinosaurs on a spaceship *SPOILERS* he kills solomon

    we also know that both the daleks have forgotten the doctor and that solomons scanner didnt recognize the doctor or the tardis on board, the doctors most hated enemy nolonger knows who he is and he couldnt be identified. i remember clearly when in asylum of the daleks when amy asks the doctor what to do to defend against the daleks he says "make them remember you" one of the doctors greatest weapons when fighting his enemies is being able to say "remember what i did and backoff" hes used this tactic alot throughout the new series and its kept him from getting blood on his hands quite a few times. now that he cant do that he will be forced to do things he wouldnt normally do he can nolonger intimidate foes with his reputation he has to go hands on to defeat them and i think that will cause the doctor to get darker and darker being forced to kill to meet and ends instead of being able to stop his foes simply with "you know who i am?" and i think that when matt smith regenerates or possibly when 12 regenerates that they will choose that time to follow the valeyard story arc.

    what do you guys think? i personally think the valeyard story would be pretty cool, hard to pull off an evil doctor or evil version without it seeming like a master copy or just plain written wrong but i think if done right it could be an amazing story
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    There's a Doctor Who thread already, perhaps may want to bring it there?

    But I think at the very most they'd make hints of the Valeyard arc happening in the background rather than making it a proper thing. I mean, it was solved god knows how long ago in the original series, so lest they want to remake old episodes, Moffat can't bring proper closure to it in the modern show. Even if they were to involve the Valeyard, I doubt it would be a major series plot in the future.

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    We have a megathread for Dr. Who:


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