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    dire beast or fervor ?

    hey guys , for the last week since the pre patch on the live reams and i bin wondering what to get as a talent...dire beast ? or fervor ?

    can any1 shet a light here for me ?

    and wich glyphs to take ? currently going with explosive shot , marked for death and the bestial wrath thingy. seriously so clue atm what to get or what not to geT:P
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    Dire Beast is better.

    Why would you use both explosive shot and bestial wrath glyphs? They are for separate specs. You might want to take a read:

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    I believe he meant explosive trap

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    Go with Dire Beast since the other talents in the tier would give you too much focus (not sure if this changes in MoP).

    As for glyphs, Marked for Death is pretty much the only gamebreaking glyph for us, the rest is utility.
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    explosive trap is amazing for PVP but horrid for PVE (unless your the master troll who likes to kick all the MOBs around during trash pulls). Dire Beast is better ATM since our Tier set gives us the extra focus and you would most likely cap focus over 100 when used. Fevor might not even be needed @ 90 due to the EXP Shot Focus now costing nearly half.

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