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    Post attractive people, opposite to your sexual preference.

    Well...that's not the best title for a thread ever, but I guess it gets the point across.

    So, state your sexual preference and then post pictures of celebrities/people that you find attractive that are opposite to your sexual preference.

    I'll go. I'm straight therefore I'm going to be posting handsome men. I tend to find myself thinking 'Bloody hell he's one handsome man' if they have dark hair and a rugged, sexy beard. Eye brows/eyes also make a hell of a difference for me, regardless of gender.

    Turns out I think a lot of men are sexy. ;P

    Tom Cruise (In Last Samurai)

    Christian Bale (With beard ;P)

    Orlando Bloom

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Eric Bana

    Hugh Jackman

    Johnny Depp

    and lastly, because he is such a sexy beast.

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    Elin woods! Dunno what her name is today though, but tiger woods ex wife

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    Nicki minaj is very pretty ( but often enough over the top with make up and hair )

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    Please use this thread. We don't need another one.

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