Hey guys.

Im back with my second movie playing with my both mains Confess but also in this movie my warlock Lacrymosa.
The footage is mostly arenaas 2v2 and 3v3 and ye played against teams from 1700 - 2150 mmr on patch 4.3.5

::::::::::::::::: Setups i played ::::::::::::::::::

SP - FrostMage
SP - FireMage - hPally
SP - FrostMage - rDrood
Lock - SP - rShammy
FrostMage - Feral - Rogue

::::::::::::::::::::::: Music :::::::::::::::::::::::::

Florence and the Machine - Spectrum (Calvin Harris remix)
Adept - No guts no glory
Nero - Promises
The Killers - Mr.Brightside
Fallout Boy - Thanks for the memories
Linkin Park - Cure for the itch

:::::::::::::::::::::: Artwork :::::::::::::::::::::::

Please visit Zilldreya for awesome artwork @


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