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Thread: Cats or Dogs?

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    I have a cat and I love my baby, but if I had to pick one or the other I'd save the dogs. The whole love and loyalty thing makes them pretty awesome.

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    We'd lose the remaining wolves on the planet...
    Or we'd lose the remaining lions, tigers, jaguars...

    I'd lose one of my two pets.

    I don't like this scenario...

    From a "for humanity" standpoint, I'd have to save the dogs. They've been our companions for years and are much more cooperative in working with humans than cats are.

    If infused with human level intelligence, dogs would be more likely to live alongside us while cats would immediately start determining how to conquer us.

    Though with no cats, we'd lose LOLCats too!!!

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    It's actually a rather hard question to answer. Cause technically speaking I would like to keep both if something were to happen.
    -Another study also showed people with hypertension who own a pet cat or dog have lower blood pressure readings during stressful situations compared to those who do not own any pets.
    -Cat's and dogs can also help with other things such as depressions, anxiety, PTSD, etc...
    -Dogs can be trained to assist people in other means such opening doors and getting them things.
    -Cat's are also good at relaxing people.

    These are just a couple things that make it hard for me personally decide which I would rather because I like both.

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