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  • Basketball/NBA

    18 15.65%
  • Football/NFL

    30 26.09%
  • Baseball

    4 3.48%
  • Hockey

    26 22.61%
  • Soccer

    37 32.17%
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    I am Murloc! Santti's Avatar
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    Esport (Starcraft 2)

    Why are you looking at me like that? :/

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    (Boston Sports Fan until I die!!!!) To be honest, football was my go to sport to watch growing up. I loved watching that above any other sport. Since I have gotten older, I have really, really loved watching NHL and NBA a little bit more, partially because I can watch them more than once every week, but they are getting vastly more exciting. That and NFL and their damned replacement refs!!!!! NHL please end this lockout, you are making me sad right now!!!!! NBA PLEASE HURRY UP! BOSTON BABY, ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

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    Hockey World Championship. Nuff said.

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    I like watching most sports, but if I had to pick one it'd be hockey. Even more so if its in person.

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    Football, no, not American Football, but Football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narveid View Post
    Football. Real football, not the silly american "football".
    Thank you Sir. for thinking like me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santti View Post
    Esport (Starcraft 2)

    Why are you looking at me like that? :/
    I knew someone would say this somewhere... SHOO.

    Football. Not Soccer, football.

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    College Football > MLB > NFL > Winter Olympics > Summer Olympics > College Baseball

    The sports I can't stand to watch are Golf, Hockey, NASCAR, and Tennis. Zzzzzzzzzzz

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    Depends who's playing. I tend to prefer sports when I can root for my own country, or someone from my country if it's not a team sport. I get madly into International football tournaments when England is playing (soccer) but if it's just the premier league I have no interest at all.
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    None of the sports listed.

    Sports I like watching:

    Jujitsu (well most martial arts, but jujitsu the most)
    MMA (UFC mostly but any good fights)
    Wakeboarding (not that there is much of it on TV)
    Skating (blades over boards)
    Other extreme sports if they're on, but don't tend to go out of my way to watch.

    If I had to choose one to watch from the list it'd probably be Hockey (i'm assuming its ice hockey?) as I loved the Mighty Ducks films as a kid (Y)
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    NBA Los angeles Laker til i die, Go Kobe, Dwight, Nash power! This season is ours!

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    none really, I rarely watch sports, its boring... maybe submarine races ;>

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    Somewhere in WNY or Canada or Dead
    i was a baseball fans but is come to be BORING i do watch NFL but off season arena football or canadian football

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    Go devils

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    I prefer to watch swimming, 100m or volleyball
    But out of the options given; basketball is the most enjoyable to watch

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    Football is awesome. all the time.
    Basketball is OK during the regular season and great during the post season (if my team is in it)
    Hockey is boring during the regular season and OK during the postseason (if my team is in it)
    Baseball is boring during the regular season, but great during the postseason. (if my team is in it)
    Soccer is like watching paint dry. Except the painters don't fake injury after incidental contact to some vague region on their shin every 5 mins. (get up you pussy!)
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    I'll play anything, but ill only watch soccer and tennis. Oh and I watch ultimate because I play it and love it, but its not really an international sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RüneRS View Post
    Don't call it soccer.... >.<
    Its called football, because you kick the ball around with your foot

    the other thing is called american football, because the players look obese
    For the purpose of these forums, the mods have asked for soccer to be called soccer and (American) football to be called football. Please leave it that way as to not confuse people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goochy View Post
    For the purpose of these forums, the mods have asked for soccer to be called soccer and (American) football to be called football. Please leave it that way as to not confuse people.
    Have they? I can't find it anywhere, it jus says that both names are acceptable for both.
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    sports? ew.
    Sweeter than yo mama's apple pie.

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    MMA. UFC, Strikeforce, Invicta FC, Bellator. Don't care, just give me more of it more often. This last four weeks with no fights has been brutal.

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