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  • Basketball/NBA

    18 15.65%
  • Football/NFL

    30 26.09%
  • Baseball

    4 3.48%
  • Hockey

    26 22.61%
  • Soccer

    37 32.17%
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    what sport do you love watching most?

    just wondering what all of you love to watch most?


    i personally love to watch basketball how about you guys?

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    None, I really can't understand why people watch it. It's fun to do sport, but watch?

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    What I call football (soccer) followed by baseball then rugby union.
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    I play hockey...

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    Archery :3

    But out of those... NFL and soccer.

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    Out of these options? Football > Soccer > Hockey > Basketball > Baseball.

    American Football has my heart.

    GO PATS!!

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    Formula 1

    Out of those options, none. The only ball sport I watch is Rugby, and only international.
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    I voted football, but my most watched is nascar

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    Basketball if I want to enjoy the game, baseball if I want to get drunk.

    ...although, I do drink a lot when I watch basketball. Hmm.

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    Golf, then tennis, then the rest of those.

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    Don't generally like to watch any I like to participate in them.

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    The only sports I watch are Formula One (although not every race), and Icehockey when there's a world championship/olympic games going on.

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    Football! I think it has the most awesome fanbase of all the sports and to me it's simply the most exciting to watch.

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    American Football I guess. As I have grown older I have gradually watched less and less sports. I used to love watching baseball and basketball too, but football is really the only one I still watch regularly.

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    Cricket. Love watching and playing, nothing like spending the day with good mates and a few beers watching the game.

    In before Americans asking what is Cricket. jks haha

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    Hockey if I'm only watching. If I'm at a bar or hanging out with friends or have the game on the radio while I do something else, then football > baseball > *.

    Basketball is only fun during playoffs when both teams actually play defense, and soccer is equal to football/baseball to me. Rugby is ok, but we don't get much televised here in the States.

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    Tennis. You left out tennis. Tennis.

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    None of these. I watch swimming though (as I'm a competitive swimmer myself), but that's about it. Well, maybe some football (soccer), but only some championships (Austria is kind of one of the worst football nations out there, despite the fact it's extremely popular...).

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    Rugby, NRL being by sport of choice.
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    I like watching the 100 meters sport, badminton, volleyball and basketball.
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