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    Exclamation Scoundrel Scrapper DPS Guide, Rotations and Openers!

    Hello guys, Sansenoy here

    This would be a Scoundrel Scrapper DPS Guide about Rotations and Openers. I would add both the video and the text below. There are small difference between the text and the video so, please, check them both.

    In this guide I want to share with you some different scrapper scoundrel openers and dps rotations. Unlike PvE, sustained dps is not favorite in PvP but rather burst. Burst is the most damage you can do in a small amount of time. Since we don't have the survivability to withstand the frontlines and fight toe-to-toe with other melees Scrapper Scoundrels are perfect for "hit-and-run" and "lone wolf" gameplay.

    When played properly, they provide some of the highest burst and pressure in the game. As we tend to get focused and we can't take hits, Scoundrels needs to know how to control their cooldowns to either land a kill or force their opponents to react defensively.
    Another reason for this class/spec being bursty is our energy regeneration system. As our energy doesn't generate steadily and our abilities are quite expensive you'll find yourself in low energy quite fast. If you haven't killed your opponent by the time you hit, zero energy you are screwed.

    Now let's go over some of the abilities we're going be using and what they do.

    To begin with my specs.

    PvE SPEC: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#70...RdzRdGoZhMoz.2

    PvP SPEC: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#7010cZGhModdRdGRZhr.2

    I would not go through my talents choices, as everyone has his own but to summit up, my PvE choices are about the highest dps possible whereas my PvP spec is about high burst, mobility and utility.



    It increases your damage done for 2% and can stack up to 2 times. Upper Hand is granted when you use blaster whip or Shoot First and also when you defeat an opponent. Upper Hand can be spent on 3 abilities.
    -Sucker Punch, a strong melee attack.
    -Pugnacity, that increases your energy regeneration.
    -Blaster volley, an AoE front cone attack.

    For PvP, Blaster Volley should not be in your rotation and I would recommend to never using it. You should almost always spent Upper Hand in Sucker Punch during a fight. If you spent points on Flying Fists and Round Two, Sucker Punch has chance to regrant Upper Hand when used on bleeding enemies, definitely a nice increase in our burst.
    Even though Sucker Punch is higher in our dps rotation, Pugnacity should also be used. Spent one point on Surprice Comeback and Pugnacity would also heal you for 2% of your health every 3 seconds.
    I usually spent the Upper Hand that I gain from a killing blow on Pugnacity but I also activate it when I'm either out of combat or my opponent is out of range.


    It's in the top tier of scrapper tree and is our most important ability. When used, it loads a round to our shotgun causing our next shoot first or back blast to do additional bleeding damage for the next 6 sec and most importantly, it increases our armor penetration by 30% for 15 seconds. When you activate Flechette Round, you get a buff that says that the round is loaded and lasts for 20sec. You have to use Shoot First or Back Blast to benefit from the armor penetration buff and apply the bleed to your opponent. You must always have the armor penetration buff. up and rolling during a fight. That is very important, more important than anything else. In an optional situation you'll open the fight with Flechette Round and Shoot First and then you would easily keep the buff up as it lasts for 15sec and your back blast is in a 12sec CD.
    General Tips Since Flechette Round buff lasts 20 seconds, but the cooldown on back blast is only twelve seconds, it can be in your best interest to get used to casting this after back blasts in preparation for the next one, rather than immediately before a back blast. This strategy is good for energy management, since it has to be used as much as possible but can fit anywhere in the priority system prior to using the back blast. It cuts down on those moments when you're right at the regen cutoff point and back blast is up, but you don't have a flechette round loaded.

    It’s on a 30sec CD and can only be used from cover but it hits for a shitload of damage and would increase your burst damage.


    The abilities that you should use in in your basic dps rotation are
    -Shoot First
    -Sabotage Charge
    -Sucker Punch
    -Blaster Whip.

    Filler abilities
    -Thermal Grenade
    -Vital Sho
    -Quick Shot.

    For bursty situations I would suggest a higher priority to Thermal Grenade as it has 30meters range and hits up to 5 opponents. Vital Shot is a bleeding damage over time ability that also has a 30meters range. Some people use it on their rotation but I have it rather low in my priority list. As I already said, I prefer a bursty hit and run gameplay and this dot is not ticking hard and fast enough for me. I mostly use it when I’m chasing someone that is out of my melee range or to prevent an assassin or an operative from going back to stealth. As Flechette Round bleed fills the requirements for Flying Fists I don’t really mind leaving Vital Shot out of my rotation. Finally I would suggest to almost never using Quick Shot. It has a small10 meters range, it costs 17 energy and does little damage. I only use it to land a kill when I’m, again, chasing someone that I can’t reach and he is really, really low on health.

    Now, let’s get over some openers and this is my favorite right here.


    Our main opener looks like this:



    Use Cool Head only when your energy is under 60%. Let the bleed from Flechette Round drop from your target and then reapply it with either Shoot First or Back Blast. Cool Head, Disappearing Act, Flechette Round are out of the GCD so act fast. Sabotage Charge is under valuated. Use it on CD!


    Sometimes when you are facing a opponent that you want to kill fast you should try to kill him in a lockdown. Lockdown is the situation when you keep your opponent stunned or incapacitated for a period of time long enough to either land a kill or force him to play very defensively. First of all you should have to spent 2 points on K.O. ability to the the second from the top tier of Scrapper tree. That way, Shoot First would throw down your enemy for 1.5 sec. If your opponent is a tank and you want to take him by surprise and lower his health without giving him a chance to use any of his defensive CD, you should follow your Shoot First with a dirty kick. That way you'll have your opponent stunned for a total of 5 and a half sec. Even though you'll be able to drop his health below 50% in that amount of time, you should have filled his resolved bar and you won't be able to stun him for the next seconds.
    Generally, I would suggest this rotation against healers or tanks that you know that would be also get focused by an teamplayer. As their resolve bar would be filled and they might have a chance to escape if you are fighting alone, two dps on a lock downed opponent would guarantee the kill.
    During a fight, you won't be always able to start your rotation from stealth. That doesn't mean that you can't set a burst. While you engage your opponent crouch and use sabotage charge. Use disappearing act, go behind his back and use Flechette Round and Shoot First, followed by a backblast and sucker punch. Shoot First would trigger the charge and in less than 4sec you'll have dealt more than 8k damage. This is an amazing way to finish tough opponents and also a proof that burst is not only beneficial in an opener.


    My goal here is to keep my energy above 60% and only drop below that when my Cool Head is of Cool Down. In PvE, we don't have a rotation but rather a priority list.
    -Pugnacity should always be up
    -Flechette Round+Backblast a soon as it's of CD
    -Vital shot should never fall of our target
    -Sucker Punch and Blaster Whip.
    -Sabotage Charge.

    Our standard attack, Flurry of Bolts should be used whenever you are closely to 60% of your energy. Our opener is the same as in PvP.

    What’s new in 1.4?!

    Thanks God, after 3 consecutive patches where we were nerfed to the ground, 1.4 changes would be buffs for Scoundrels Scrappers. Our low mobility and dps would be addressed and we’ll see two big differences.

    -We can use Disappearing Act every 2 minutes (was 3) and by spec’ing to Flee the Scene the CD is reduced to 1:30 (was 2). That’s definitely a dps increase and an improvement to our survivability.

    -We finally have a gap closer! By speccing to Fight or Flight the cooldown of Sneak finishes when you exit stealth and allows Sneak to be used out of stealth, increasing movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Spec’ing to Flee the Scene reduces its CD on 45sec. This is a huge change for our spec as we had the less mobility in game. Sneak would definitely increase our dps as more time on target=more dps. Plus we have a sprint that can also be used for escaping tought situations and would help us kite our opponent to squeeze a heal.

    That’s the guide for 1.4 guys. I would keep it updated and rolling and I would love to see some constructional comments down below.

    Check my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/kingofkalamos!!!
    Full with SWTOR and LoL!

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    Awesome guide. Scoundrel Scrapper is easily one of my favorite specs and this guide gave me some good information I didn't have previously.

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    Glad to see another guide appearing on these forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsedar View Post
    Glad to see another guide appearing on these forums!
    hm, when its about that. I will back up some time and make one for powertech ap and pyro. should be released till 1.4

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    I play a concealment operative so I'm familar with the class but the names are obviously different.

    Are you on the US or EU servers?

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    Excellent guide m8 cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snave View Post
    I play a concealment operative so I'm familar with the class but the names are obviously different.

    Are you on the US or EU servers?
    It would be easy to change this guide to add the names from the concealment tree. I'm on the ToFN EU
    Check my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/kingofkalamos!!!
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