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    [TV] Last Resort

    Pilot lives up to the hype.

    Decent acting, decent script, good mix of humor and seriousness, and a little bit of sexiness.

    Can't wait to see more of this, and hope it makes it through the season without getting cancelled.

    Missile launches. "Oh, that's not good."

    So far, its one of the best shows I've seen from network TV in a while.

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    Meh. I was not impressed. They'll be stuck on that island bickering with that petty crime lord for the rest of the season. The US nuked Pakistan, a nuclear power, without retaliation? Those soldiers pull weapons on their superiors and are left to run around and do what they want? Arrest them for ****s sake! Someone had an interesting concept with this show but the execution is weak, I'll give it one more episode to see if the shit hits the fan or if they follow my low expectations.
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    According to the 'story' the US's attack was retaliatory... If you were Pakistan, would you really be so quick to push the button and legitimize the attacks ? I'm sure the ones that sanctioned the US attack would be more then happy to see this happen.

    I'm sure there's retaliation coming, but first there needs to be truth.

    The 'soldiers pulling weapons' part seemed really weak to me. Obviously there's some things being worked through here, but if they aren't in the brig in the next episode, there better damn well be a good reason for it.

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    You can watch the pilot on abc.com and I believe yahoo.com but only if your in the US. I'm in Canada so I can't watch it. *SOB*

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    Watched this last night after downloading it and it was very entertaining.

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    I really enjoyed it, hopefully it'll become an awesome tv show.

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    I'm curious to see how well they keep the sub crew engaged in the conspiracy. I can only assume they were a pawn to fire the nukes at Pakistan and now they just need to be destroyed to cover it up but with the other ship firing off the nukes and the video broadcast both points becomes a mute point. Sure you can see some episodes revolve around the island and interactions between them and Washington and even other countries but then what. I didn't think Lost would amount to anything so what do I know. Ratings were solid with 9 million tuning in though.

    The only major complaint was there were too many people on last night. I had a hard time keeping people's name and faces straight.

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    Really liked the pilot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenogeist View Post
    Meh. I was not impressed.
    Agree but Ill give it a few more episodes
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    Latest episode came out and i thought it was awesome again. Really looking forward to it each week atm, has potential to become one of my fave shows.

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    Definitely the show has a lot of potential.

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