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    [Question] Glyph of Nightmares 5.0.4

    I'm wondering how one goes about getting this glyph. I am currently missing it and I have been hunting AH for a couple days with no luck.

    I've tried looking it up, but its really hard to filter through MOP Beta and 5.0.4 content in hopes of finding a clear cut answer.

    Ive seen and inspected 3 others so I can confirm that it is obtainable. If only they would ever reply to my whispers...

    If you know anything, please help, thanks!

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    About 15 seconds on wowhead answers the question.

    It's from Northrend Inscription Research. Find someone who has already learned it.

    EDIT: I note that it replaced the Glyph of Deathcoil. So anyone who already that that glyph should now have the Nightmares one.

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    I don't remember which glyph it came from but it is definitely obtainable since I can make it. I did know all the glyphs prepatch so my guess it that it came from either Books of Glyph Mastery or Northrend research. If it came from the books prepatch it can be obtain through the research now. They changed inscription so that the book glyphs can be learned either through the books or research. The books just make it faster.

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