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    [H] Darktotem Consort Recruiting(Jubei' Thos)

    Hi all!

    Darktotem Consort is currently recruiting everyone who is interested in being part of a progression minded, casual raid guild. This basically means 3-4 raid nights a week (8pm EST/server time, depending on schedules of recruited members) of raiding where you come prepared (flasks, food, etc) however the mood is not tense and its all about clearing bosses with a group of friends.

    - A decent knowledge of your class.
    - Be gemmed and enchanted correctly and know the fights.
    - Able to learn and take constructive criticism.
    - Be prepared and punctual.
    - No raiding experience required, we are here to have fun and learn

    About the guild leader (me):
    I'll be completely honest, I have played since vanilla but did not raid until Wotlk. I raided infrequently through cata and because of time constraints I have not had much time to be very serious about it. I am now done with school and have free time to raid in the evenings. Although I was not a serious raider I always did my best to be gemmed, enchanted and up to date on fights and that's the people I want in my guild. People who are there for fun but have fun doing things the way they're meant to be done.

    Please apply by sending an in-game mail to Blacki. Or PM me.

    Thank you. =)
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